AUDIO + QUOTES: Mark Gottfried PC

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Mark Gottfried met with the media on Tuesday in the Dail Center. Here is the audio from his press conference and some notable quotes.

Mark Gottfried

"The best update I can give on [Rob Moxley] is that he's still on medical leave."

"The most important thing is he gets better. He has not returned to work. There's not an exact date that we can point to."

"We're going to try and give him some time to where he can hopefully get back to 100%. That's the most important thing for us."

"Jeff Dunlap will assume the recruiting responsibilities right now... Jeff will go on the road with Orlando, Bobby Lutz, and myself."

"Trevor would have been a fifth-year senior who could have arguably been one of the two or three best guards in the conference."

"The age... you just don't replace that. We'll miss that, no question, and we weren't expecting that, to be honest."

"We were fortunate to have a guy last year. Terry did a great job last year of improving while redshirting... getting better throughout the year. We wanted him to improve his ball-handling, improve his defense, improve his body. All those things we felt like took a big step forward."

"I think he's done a nice job... believe it or not he's actually led us in rebounding [in some workouts]. It's nice to have a guard that can rebound."

"I think he has a chance to be a really good player. We're excited about Terry."

"What has helped us with guys that have transferred is what they've done once they got here."

"Terry is a guy that I actually liked in high school. I felt like I made a mistake not recruiting him harder in high school."

"With Malik... how can you become a more effective, high-percentage scorer? He gets a lot of offensive rebounds... now we need him to become a legitimate scorer for us."

"For him, I think the big step in his game... can he become that guy that's a high-percentage scorer?"

"That's a big step, and it's going to be the question... we'll find that out."

"He has to become more of a guy that becomes a legitimate first, second, or third-option in the offense."

"Cat Daddy.. he's done an amazing job. In today's generation of young guys... so many guys, that when you say you need to get better... they hear so much how great they are."

"He has been as hungry to get better as anybody we've had."

"If you go back and rewind the clock and think about that first year... he wasn't a great shooter, wasn't a confident shooter. He got better and became a better shooter. He's shooting the three as well as anybody we have in the gym."

"I think in Cat is in position to have an unbelievable year. I think he's improved to the point where he should be in the conversation as one of the best point guards in the nation. Period. He's there and he's got better. Over time he's improved his shooting, his leadership is better, and he's communicating more."

"Our team starts with him."

"It's hard to tell. If Cat has the kind of year that I think he can have and I believe he can have, I do believe he'll put himself in a position to be a high draft pick."

"With us, scheduling and I think today in college basketball, is a big part of what we do."

"I'm not sure that's what is truly best for your team. I even believe that is right, even though it would look better on your record. I'd rather play good teams and hopefully beat them all."

"Concerned with the depth? Yes, especially at the point guard position. If cat Barber has two or three fouls in the first half... we have to figure out how we are going to play. That's a concern."

"The recruiting plan that we all used to have... we all used to be able to look at our roster and see... we'd have scholarships available. That's kind of out the window. It's gone."

"If it's a guy that's good enough to help your team and fit in, we don't pay as much attention to class."

"We are recruiting guys right now who could potentially play this year. It's July. I've hardly ever done that."

"You almost have to build your team year-by-year. College basketball has almost become semi-free agency."

"We're allowed to work with guys... developing more of a point guard mentality. Whether it's Terry Henderson."

"Cody might play some forward and some point guard. He might be the most unique guy in the country who will play all five."

"I think what it does, success breeds confidence."

"Cody, Caleb, Malik, BeeJay... Cat. Those guys are pretty hungry too."

"What do you guys think about that? They shot that down so fast, which was great. Cody and Caleb look a me like, 'Heck no, we don't want that.'"

"Those two twins... those guys are something."

"I think what you have is a hungry group."

"Trevor and Ralston were much better offensive players than defensive players."

"Whether it's Trevor, Cody, or Caleb playing on the perimeter, what we're going to gain is length."

"If BeeJay can develop into a more consistent player, because of his weight, where he needs to be... he has the potential to be as good as a rim-protector, protect the basket with his size and strength. He's not where he needs to be right now with his weight. He's not there. Some of how well we're going to be defensively depends on that."

"This team has the potential to be a little better [defensively] because of the personnel we have."

"Lennard had a lot of soreness in his shin. Our doctors gave him about 6-to-8 weeks to see if it would improve and it didn't."

"It's going to be mid-September or the first of October before he's cleared to play."

"We don't have a lot of guys. We need everybody to be healthy. We need Lennard. He became a critical piece for us. I watched the NBA Finals with the Cavs and Warriors, and everytime I watched Tristan Thompson play I thought of Lennard Freeman."

"There was a time when guys understood they'd maybe not play a lot as a freshman, a little more as a sophomore... it seems like with young people the clock just ticks so fast. It's not only the young players, it's the people around them. There is an impatience.

"I think it is the new normal."

"Your roster does end up to have a lot of change. That's not something we'd all choose."

"It's kind of day-by-day... it's part of our business. Obviously Rob's situation is unique and that's in a whole different category. But your roster, turnover, guys leaving to go to the NBA, it's part of the landscape of college basketball."

"It's a part of our game. It's a part of college basketball now-a-days."

"It's a part of life."

"I like Shaun. I like his future, if he's patient. If in fact he's patient, he has a chance to be a good player here. He's just a little bit raw as far as his skillset right now, but he's long, really athletic, and attacks the rim. He's surprised us somewhat that he can make some three's. He's a good 6'8. He just has to learn to play at this level. It's a big step for him... he has a great attitude. He's hungry."

"He'll have some opportunities to play this year because of our numbers, but my hope for Shaun is he'll continue to work and be patient because he might blossom here into a good player."

"There will be times when we play four perimeter players with Cody being that fourth guy a lot... that could be something really good for our group this year."

"Torin has been really good... it's early, but he's a very physical, strong guard that can play off the ball and some with the ball. I want him to develop into being that big, strong combo guard that can play some point. That's our goal for him."

"He goes to the rim. He uses his body well, and he's really athletic. I think he can be a phenomenal defender."

"He gets a year to transition to putting the ball in his hands everyday."

"Cody doesn't have a position. I don't think you can define him with a position. He can play about anywhere and make things happen... he's just so active."

"My hope for Cody, if he's at the four position he becomes a tough matchup... maybe a little like Winslow was last year at Duke... that type of guy."

"Cody can handle the ball and pass it well enough... he might be able to play a little at point guard."

"We'll see. He's kind of the wildcard for our team... he's just so active and I like that about him."

"Trevor was convinced that turning 24 this year was a real negative for him."

"I don't think we needed 35 seconds."

"Terry and Caleb will score differently than Ralston, but I think they can score as much as Ralston... differently."

"Caleb has to shoot a lot better percentage, which he has. With Caleb, he started to almost drift with his technique... I think he's shooting it really well right now."

"Cat is a better 3-point shooter today than he was. Not a doubt."

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