Gottfried Updates Moxley's Status

NC State assistant coach Rob Moxley continues to recuperate from a recent medical scare. Head coach Mark Gottfried addressed his current situation at a press conference on Tuesday.

When one man goes down on a team the others have to pick up the slack. The same mantra also applies to a coaching staff.

With veteran assistant Rob Moxley out of action due to a recent health scare, NC State head coach Mark Gottfried has had to reassign some duties within his staff. Jeff Dunlap has taken over the recruiting efforts with Bobby Lutz and Orlando Early also contributing.

Gottfried addressed Moxley’s current situation at a press conference on Tuesday.

“The best update I can give on [Moxley] is that he's still on medical leave," Gottfried said. "We're going to try and give him some time to where he can hopefully get back to 100%. That's the most important thing for us."

The staff will leave town soon to watch young talent with potentially more still to be signed prior to September. Gottfried insists the NC State coaching staff will continue to get the job done with his main hope being Moxley’s improvement. There is no timetable for his return.

"The most important thing is he gets better,” Gottfried said. “He has not returned to work. There's not an exact date that we can point to."

"It's kind of day-by-day... it's part of our business,” Gottfried added. “Obviously Rob's situation is unique and that's in a whole different category, but your roster, turnover, guys leaving to go to the NBA, it's part of the landscape of college basketball."

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