Wolfpack First To Offer 4-star Athlete

NC State was the first school to extend an offer to 4-star athlete Anthony White.

Rising junior athlete Anthony White Jr. said NC State earned a lot of loyalty when the program gave him his very first scholarship offer. There have been a lot of other schools that have come through Hialeah (FL) American looking to recruit him and he will listen to what they all have to say.
There have been many more offers and much talk of even more offers. The 4-star athlete is happy to add to his laundry list of colleges that would love to have him but he is not forgetting about the first.
As he and his teammates have been on the road this summer camping at difference places he has been trying to envision himself at this or that place. He went to the University of Georgia and that caught his attention. He does not have a favorite but he was excited when their wide receivers coach seemed to take a liking to him. White made his way to NC State and North Carolina for camps too.
White already had an offer from NC State by the time he arrived in Raleigh. That trip for him was more about learning what the school had for its football players. He left impressed, he remains impressed, and he is resolving to keep the Wolfpack as an offer he thinks about for a long time.
“I show much love to NC State due to the fact that they offered me first. Actually it was the wide receivers coach that offered me so I feel like he must have seen something that nobody else had seen. Other people might not have wanted to take a chance or go out there for me before other places but NC State did.”
Other schools have gone out on a limb for White but in different ways. LSU offered White but they want him to play a position they have not watched him work out at for an extended period of time. White said he does not know how much interest he has in LSU yet. He will not put the program at the top of his list just because it is a big name in college football but White did say he is a huge fan of the team and knows all about their success.
They did not offer first however and NC State did.
“I know NC State just built the new indoor facility. I thought the indoor facility was nice. I didn’t get to meet any of the players because they weren’t around. I saw a few. I liked everything I saw there.”
White knew his comments could be interpreted as showing favoritism towards NC State because they offered first and because his visit went well. Because of that he shot down the theory before it would gain any traction.
“As far as recruiting goes I’m pretty much enjoying it. I’ve got a couple of years left since I’m a 2017 guy so I’m going to do more digging. That’s just where I’m at from my standpoint as of right now.”
White said it was LSU’s defensive backs coach that took interest in him even though his film is at receiver. But apparently he saw a couple of videos featuring White in 1 on 1s in practice or other settings. His father and his coach send those out from time to time. After watching those clips LSU decided to make their move.

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