ACC Kickoff Q&A: Jacoby Brissett

PINEHURST, N.C. -- NC State senior quarterback Jacoby Brissett discussed a number of topics with the media.

Jacoby, talk about the change of environment that was just discussed at NC State. What can you say about being a leader on this team and how you see the environment changing, what some of your goals are as the leader?
It's an exciting place to be in. I'm just honored to be in the situation that I'm in, to be part of something special. Every day you go into the facility, you know that everybody is in there working to get better, striving to be a better player and better person at the end of the day before they leave.

Can you compare the confidence that you have as the leader of this team playing the quarterback position compared to last year, how much that will help you in 2015?
I really felt it helped us out a lot. Going from the 3-9 season to the 8-5 season, it showed you we could play with anybody and we're serious. That's going to springboard us into this year to understand that we have to make sure that we're ready to play a lot of other teams, but a lot of other teams have to worry about playing us, too.

Kind of the image last season, the play against Florida State, is that a love/hate play? Does Coach Doeren cringe when you make those kind of plays, taking a high risk/reward type thing?
You know, as a competitor and as a quarterback, you just got to be willing to deal with the highs of that play and the lows of that play. No matter what, just stress to put the ball in the end zone by any means.

That's going to come with the bad plays, but it's going to come with a lot of good plays, too.

We have several mobile quarterbacks in this league, of which you're one. A couple defenders have said, Nobody likes a scrambling quarterback. How much fun do you have running around making defenders miss?
It's fun because they're out there to try to really hurt you bad. To see them miss, to see their reaction out there is priceless.

What is the level of respect right now that NC State is getting? High or low? Are you trying to change the level of respect that people have for the Wolf Pack?
You know, each year you want to make more and more people respect you. A lot of teams respect us, but they don't really respect us the way we want them to respect us. That's our job this year, is to let them know we're for real.

Looking at this offense, talk about some of those weapons that you have, some of those guys people should watch out for this season.
Honestly you should watch out for the whole team. Everybody's making strides this summer, this off-season, to put themselves in the situation where they're going to make the best plays. Everybody's fighting for jobs. Everybody's fighting to get better. Everybody's competing against other teams across the country to be the best group and the best team that we can be.

Coach Doeren keeps it pretty flat when he's dealing with the media. What is the coach that you see behind closed doors maybe in a pregame situation?
I'm sure y'all saw him dancing in the locker room. I mean, he's very serious. He wants to win. That's the main focus and the main objective for everybody on that team. That's what he shows us day in and day out.

You have some running backs who can really catch the ball. How do you plan on using weapons like that in the upcoming season?
It's our job to find out ways that the teams can't control them, can't put them in the box, contain them. Those guys are going to make plays regardless of how you try to play against them.

It's just going to be my job to find out how. It changes every week. When their time is called, they're going to make the play.

You guys bring in three very talented running backs. Could we expect to see them at other positions? How could you utilize them as freshmen?
You know, it will just pan out when fall camp comes here. Whichever way is going to benefit the team the most, how they're going to adjust to the college game, see what it takes for them to get on the field.

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