AUDIO + QUOTES: Dave Doeren

PINEHURST, N.C. -- Here is a collection of audio and quotes from NC State head coach Dave Doeren at the 2015 ACC Football Kickoff.

Dave Doeren (Part I)

Dave Doeren (Part II)

Dave Doeren (Part III)

"We're excited for year three and obviously last year a lot of unknowns. As the season went on we felt like we figured out what we were."

"We felt like we had a positive offseason with our players, finishing the way we did."

"Our freshmen are here now and have been doing well now on campus. We look forward to adding the 24 new faces."

"If you look at the percentages of class, I think we're still 70% freshmen and sophomores, but we only have 11 seniors... one of those being NaQuan who got a sixth-year."

"We have eight fewer seniors but the same number of young players. The difference being we have a lot more returning guys with experience. Although they are young, they played quite a bit of football last year."

"The big thing is making the experience pay off for the team."

"Who is going to be our tackles, our backup tackles? Which receivers will emerge? How are our specialists going to handle the pressure on gameday? Those are things we probably won't know until we get to that."

"As far as guys that aren't returners, Tyler Jones has had a good spring. He had a good summer. We hope he can continue to emerge."

"Will Richardson is having a real good summer."

"We hope between those two, Alex Barr, and one of the kids that we brought in... whether it's Daris Workman, the junior college tackle is very athletic. I haven't seen him play football yet, but I've seen him work out. He's very athletic. He's 6'6, 295 and he can run. We're hopeful that he can compete."

"You hate to have a true freshman playing, but they are really mature. They run well, they bend well, so they'll be in the two-deep. We'll see which one, whether it's Emmanuel McGirt, Philip Walton, or Aaron Wiltz."

"George is a really good teacher... he's been in south Florida recruiting this whole time and he has great connections there."

"We felt like the position group hadn't reached its potential yet and we needed somebody that could help those guys with the little things. So far so good."

"He has a tough job, like all of us do. It's a similar position group to our secondary last year. We have a lot of talent there, we just don't know what they'll be yet."

"It was a different situation. He went there to call plays and it didn't work out. He probably said something he wishes he didn't say. I haven't spent a lot of time talking to him about it. He's coaching receivers at NC State. He's not at Syracuse. I really don't care a whole lot about that."

"He had worked with coach Canada previously and worked with coach Uremovich previously... he's a great teacher, those are the things that matter."

"He's a great addition to our staff."

"We want to win the state obviously, which we've been able to do, but we feel like Florida has the most number of players in the NFL. I have good connections there, so does George, so does Hux."

"The kids we have on our team from Florida are pretty good. You look at the production we're getting out of Jacoby and Matt Dayes. Monty Nelson, Jerod Fernandez... we have some pretty good contributors from down there."

"He is going to work as hard as any guy we have. Anytime he says anything... he's not going to be one of those guys that says something without having done what it takes to say something like that. He first leads by example, but he's not afraid to be controversial with a teammate... he provides constructive criticism."

"He's himself. He's real. He works really hard, and he cares."

"He makes cookies... I know he does it."

"Right now it's inequitable, but I know at one time it was the other way, right? They are going to say if you're in the Coastal at one time it was the opposite, and it probably was, but that's not today."

"Is it unfair? I don't know if you can say that, but it's tilted right now. The ACC Atlantic had more players drafted than the SEC West or the SEC East last year."

"So, there's a high degree of talent that we face on our side of the division right now. It's just how it is."

"I don't know if it's ever going to change. Other than the Coastal all of a sudden being this strong side. The same thing has happened in the SEC, right?"

"When you're a coach there's nothing you can do about who is on your schedule from a conference standpoint. You just take what they give you."

"I'm just happy that we have a bye week in the middle this year. Talk about the differences in the schedule this year, we don't have to play eight straight with the meat of the schedule like we had last year. It's hard when you're not a team with a lot of depth to play like that, so getting a bye in week seven is better."

"So much of what happen is your players. Coaches get a lot of credit and it's our job to coach these guys, but we don't make the plays, they do."

"A large degree of it will be how do they play for him? I measure it by do our players reach their potential? I thought as a position coach my job was to get my guys to overachieve. I never wanted to be a coach that was looked at as the guy whose players were underachievers."

"I think we have some talent. We're fast at receiver, we're just young. We have three freshmen that can fly, so we'll see if they can play in a couple of weeks."

"I know Cherry is going to be better, Alston is going to be better, Ramos is going to be better. Getting a sixth-year for NaQuan will help our depth. Gavin Locklear is a guy people didn't know about last year. He was one of Jacoby's reliable targets last year in the spring."

"I think confidence carries over for sure."

"We want to be a team that improves 12 weeks this season."

"I've never really charted what I thought was going to happen with the freshmen."

"Sometimes the guy you thought that could play is more immature and couldn't play, and the guy you thought you were going to redshirt all of a sudden is the guy."

"Nyheim is a guy that we're expecting to play because of his versatility. Is he going to be a huge contributor? I don't know, but because he can return punts, return kicks, be a receiver, be a back, run fly sweeps, he was a Wildcat quarterback... he has so many skillsets. I'll be shocked if he's not out there."

"I think he could be in the slot. I think he could play our slot or our 'Z.' They are both guys that we motion a lot, use in the jet game, catch balls underneath and outside."

"He's definitely going to be in space. I can tell you that."

"As a starter or backup, I don't know yet. You feel pretty confident that unless he's injured he can help us."

"Vernon Grier and Brian Sessoms, they are both unbelievably fast. Are they going to be ready? I don't know yet. When I signed them both my thought was I wouldn't need to play them, but when I see how fast they are, maybe they will because they can run. They are really fast."

"You get into camp and have some injuries and it changes what will happen."

"There was more competitive depth."

"[M.J Salahuddin] is full go. He's trained all summer. He feels great. I'm excited. The big thing for him now is the mental hurdle of playing football."

"Towards the end of the year [tailback Dakwa Nichols] gave our defense fits on the scout team. He's unheralded but could be another... a very fast kid."

"We'll just have to see how it shakes out. To have depth at [tailback] for a team that wants to run the football and be physical is very important."

"I don't think we've got enough credit as a league in the last two years. I don't think it's anyone's fault."

"All of a sudden the ACC is winning all the awards... we're beating the SEC on the field, our bowl records are better. It just hasn't become reality in society yet, for whatever reason."

"The perception is the SEC is still stronger. They have more money and have a network but haven't done the same things that the ACC has done on the field for the last two seasons."

"It's night and day."

"For coach Canada, picture practice where you have a righty and a lefty, a runner and a thrower... every time the quarterback changes the call sheet changes."

"It's hard. It's hard on your offensive line too."

"The only difference for us is the cadence because Jalan is a little slower when he talks than Jacoby, and that is a big deal because he can get some penalties. That's the biggest difference, their cadence."

"Ideally you get up in some games and you can play your guy, let him play."

"I'm going to go into games with a package for Jalan to play, but I'm not going to say the third series of every game he's going to go in."

"I would like to get him in. and I want him to get as many reps as he can in the game, he deserves that, but at the same time, we have to see how the games are going."

"Unlike last year, we'll look for opportunities to get him involved when we can, and we know the offense will continue to play when he's in the huddle. It's exciting."

"We were all excited about Maurice Trowell last year as a redshirt, so we're excited to see him."

"I think it was a surprise, but I'm not really focused on it to be honest with you. We're really excited about who's back."

"I'm excited to see who steps up. A year ago nobody really knew who [Bo Hines] was so who's going to be the new guy? Matt does a great job of teaching progressions so it doesn't really matter who is in that spot."

"It's finding guys who will be sure-handed. David Grinnage and Jaylen Samuels are two great options to make up catches and Matt Dayes presents a lot of problems for people in space."

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