PINEHURST, N.C. -- Here is a collection of audio and quotes from NC State senior defensive end Mike Rose.

Mike Rose

"I had Art Norman on the other side of me... that guy doesn't look like a defensive end but he was ridiculous."

"Thomas Teal and T.Y. McGill... hard-working guys. They didn't have all the height in the world, but they showed me that if you work hard good things will happen."

"They were good leaders."

"I aspire to lead my team to an ACC championship. I aspire more than just to be a leader. I want to help people on and off the field."

"I want to take what they did and make it bigger."

"It would mean everything. I didn't go to a team that was already winning. I've seen everything. I've been middle-of-the-road to a darkhorse for the ACC title to 3-9... to last year, surprising everybody."

"I'm excited to see what this season is. I'm really excited."

"Raleigh would shut down. If we won the ACC championship Raleigh would shutdown."

"Hopefully we would not play someone red because that would be too much red in that stadium."

"We have some other out-spoken guys. Germaine Pratt is out-spoken. Shadrach... those guys are outspoken."

"Playing on the first day of fall camp... make it happen."

"All the talk is about this Nyheim kid so he better bring it, better show it. It will disappoint a lot of people if he doesn't make it happen. [Laughing] I think he'll be fine. A really fast kid... agile. I think he'll make a lot of plays for us."

"Georgia Tech maybe, that's because of the offense they run, but I feel like we have every type of running back. We have a bruiser, we have a balanced guy, we've got a pass-catcher, we've got a shifty person, and we've got Shad who is just all-purpose... get it done."

"I'm only here for a certain amount of time and I want to win now. That's how they should look at it. When I got here, I never thought I'd be a senior. I never thought I'd graduate. I just thought I'd go to college and see what happens. Now that I've been through all that and I've seen guys grow up, and I've seen myself grow up a lot. That's what means the most to me, and that's my journey. Me doing what I'm doing now, I'm glad I came to State."

"When I hit Jameis I got a personal foul call. I'd say Justin Thomas. I got a TFL on him, but I'd rather catch him in a spread offense than what he plays. It's hard to catch him, period. You have to get them in third-and-long."

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