Pack One Of First To Offer Vance Junior

Charlotte (NC) Vance standout Jeremiah Hall talks about his recent trip to NC State and offer from the Wolfpack.

Sometimes the most important thing that sticks with a player when he’s being recruited is whether he feels wanted. In some cases it’s about finding the place where he’s most wanted.
NC State has made Jeremiah Hall (6-3, 225) feel wanted. The Wolfpack offered him around the end of his sophomore year at Vance High School. That day was big for more reasons than one. Charlotte offered Hall on the same day. Though sometimes those first offers lead to many others in Hall’s case they have been isolated. He sits at two.
Charlotte’s coaches knew all about Hall well before coaches at most other schools. Since their school is right around the corner they saw him play as a high school freshman. That’s when they first took an interest. When Hall put together a nice sophomore year they showed even more interest and finally offered in the spring.
NC State might not have known about Hall quite as early as Charlotte but they were not far behind. There was a reason for that and it isn’t just that he’s a player from the state.
“Jaylen Samuels came out of Charlotte and he was a previous tight end for my head coach. He had been there and they saw the same talent in me. They like me just like they liked some of the other guys they have up there already. They see me playing the same role that Jaylen does in their offense. We personally don’t know each other but we do know of each other. I’ve talked to him and he’s talked to me but we aren’t close or anything.”
It took many weeks but Hall finally visited NC State for their AlphaWolf Showcase. According to Hall it was worth the wait even though he had wanted to visit sooner.
He has been to North Carolina, Duke, Clemson and Florida State but none of those schools have offered him yet. That might make the NC State visit even better when he looks back. It helps to remind Hall that NC State’s coaching staff believes he can play and be a valuable part of their program. Because of that Hall will not write them off quickly and that could even help give them an advantage.
“I have a pretty decent amount of interest in them. I’d say it’s above average. It’s early in my recruiting process so I’m always trying to stay humble and keep my interest up in every other school looking at me. But they were one of my first so of course I’ll always consider them.”
Visiting NC State gave Hall the chance to talk to his recruiting coach Eddie Faulkner. A good amount of time on the trip was devoted to showing off the facilities and meeting coaches and a lot of NC State commitments. There was a camp but it was not a long session.
“It was nothing serious. We just did the camp and some drills but it was nothing hardcore. Just simple route running. I feel like I did pretty good. They would want me to move around if I went up there. They see me playing like a hybrid position like something of a tight end, slot, and running back. We had about a 30 or 45 minute drill session on small things but nothing too big. After that we stayed and played a couple of games and then ate. It was more of a gathering than anything. There were around 50 or 60 athletes and we stayed around the football area. A lot of people there were committed for their 2016 or 2017 class. I don’t remember anybody’s names as I talked to so many people but there are a lot of good athletes up there. As you get older you start to see some of the same people. It was just a good experience.”

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