Bradbury Changes Lines

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State redshirt freshman Garrett Bradbury was called to head coach Dave Doeren's office on Monday, the day players reported for fall camp.

NC State redshirt freshman Garrett Bradbury was called to head coach Dave Doeren's office on Monday, the day players reported for fall camp. Bradbury went through spring practice and summer workouts at defensive tackle, but that wouldn't be the case for the fall.

"Monday morning coach Doeren asked me to come in for a meeting," said Bradbury. "He had the two depth charts laid out, and he expressed to me that he wanted me to make the move. He thought I could help the team, and the team needed me. It was the right move.

"Seeing how I could help the team and how I needed to help the team... I'm really happy right now. I'm glad the move happened."

"I just felt like with our offensive line we didn't have the best recipe for success if we had somebody go down," said Doeren.

Bradbury played tight end at Charlotte (NC) Christian High School where he helped lead his team to back-to-back state titles. He was primarily a blocking tight end for Christian, although he did total 17 receptions for 360 yards and six touchdowns as a senior.

He began his career as a tight end in 2014, and that should help the move.

"He's a physical guy," said Doeren. "He's really strong. We brought him here to play tight end so he already knows a lot of the communication and blocking schemes. I just think Garrett can be a three-year starter over there if he learns it this year. He has the potential to play right away. He's a really, really tough kid."

Expect Bradbury to lean on his experience at tight end, and defensive tackle, as he transitions to offensive guard.

"I think my time playing tight end and defensive line will help me," he said. "At tight end you know what they are doing outside and you know what you have to do inside. On the defensive line you understand what they don't want you to do and what they are going to try and do when you do it. I think both of them have helped me. I just have to keep going."

Now he is facing off against the tackles he trained with all spring and summer. Who has caught his eye?

"Justin Jones has come a long way," said Bradbury. "We both had surgeries in the offseason, and he's put on a lot of muscle. It's good for both of us to go against each other."

Helping with the position change is Bradbury's physical condition. He enrolled at around 250 pounds and has added 30+ pounds of muscle since last summer. He's going to need that additional weight while anchoring down in the trenches.

"He's got the skillset. He's a 400-pound bencher, and he runs a 4.9."

"Right now I'm at 290, and that's more than I've ever been, obviously," he said, laughing. "I'll lose some during practice so I need to re-hydrate and eat what's expected of me from the nutritionist, but I want to stay around or above 290."

From tight end, to defensive tackle, to offensive line, Bradbury is now working with his third position coach in 12 months. Wolfpack offensive line coach Mike Uremovich seems to have clicked with his new pupil.

"Coach U. is awesome," said Bradbury. "He's really helped me come along. We've been doing some extra meetings, extra work with him. I'm going to need all I can get."

He is also leaning on others for advice, notably the Pack's three interior starters.

"Tony Adams, Quinton Schooley, and Joe Thuney, the three inside guys starting right now [are helping me]," Bradbury said. "They've done it. They know what they are doing. They did it last year. I'm just trying to watch them and listen to them."

Bradbury now has three practices under his belt. How does he feel he's been doing?

"The first couple of days here I think I'm a little too aggressive," he said. "I've come out lunging at guys as if I'm on defense. I need to sit back and be patient... let them come to me. I need to let them figure their moves out and attack on that.

"I have to clean my technique up, and I have to learn all the plays so I can just go out and play."

Doeren has been watching Bradbury closely and likes what he sees.

"I've watched a lot of him," said Doeren. "He's got the skillset. He's a 400-pound bencher, and he runs a 4.9. He can really help us in there.

"We're losing two really good inside players [after] this season in Thuney and Schooley. We have to be ready when they are gone. Obviously Tony Adams is back and getting [Bradbury] right there ready to go and letting the kids we brought in redshirt... I think it sets us up for the future."

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