PACK PRIDE Q&A: Pharoah McKever

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Redshirt sophomore defensive end Pharoah McKever talks with Pack Pride.

Redshirt sophomore defensive end Pharoah McKever talks with Pack Pride following practice.


How did the offseason go?
The offseason went well. I've gained some more weight. It feels good to come back out here and practice in the summer for training camp.

Where are you at right now, weight-wise?
I'm 265.

Is that where you want to be going into the season?
Going into training camp, but I know I'm going to gain more weight during the season. I just need to keep my body healthy through training camp.

How have you progressed since when you first moved from wide receiver to defensive end?
I feel like I've progressed a lot since when I first moved. I'm actually becoming a true defensive end.

Coach Nielsen worked with us all offseason, and most of the guys, Mike [Rose], he's a great leader. We came out here and just worked all offseason.

I feel comfortable with where I'm at right now.

How is the depth at the position?
I feel like there's great depth. If one man goes down then the next man is up. I have a lot of confidence in this group right now.

Who is rotating with you on your side or are you guys not there yet?
We're not doing it like that. We're just rotating in as coach tells us.

You have some younger freshmen at defensive end, what have you seen from Tyrone Riley and Emmanuel Olenga?
Tyrone has great body size. He comes out here, and he's got better since day one... right along with Olenga.

Olenga, he's a really good athlete. He just needs to come out here and continue to work each day, and he'll be a great d-lineman.

What do you need to work on?
My strength... just being able to defend against the run... come in, defeating all blocks.

Was that a technique issue for you or building your lower core?
Building my core and getting used to the defensive line position.

Did you play defensive end in high school?
No sir, I played safety.

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