AUDIO: Canada On McClendon, McGirt, Trowell

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State offensive coordinator Matt Canada talks with Pack Pride after Friday's practice.

Matt Canada

How is Emanuel McGirt doing so far?
He's doing well. He's out there and he's getting good reps. He's getting a lot of work. With our o-line, the numbers are where they are. He's got a chance to get in there and get some quality work in key moments.

He's like everybody else. Good days, bad days, good plays, and bad plays, but he's doing a good job.

Any areas of improvement for McGirt?
We've only had him three or four practices, but he's learning. You have to make sure you're going the right way. There's a lot of things going on in football, and our defense does a lot.... there's movements and blitzes and everything in between.

He's doing a great job understanding it. Like I said, some days you're up and some days you're down. He just has to keep working. He'll be OK.

Is he advanced for his age... just coming in, no redshirt?
Yeah, I think it's too early to tell but he's certainly unbelievably talented. We all now that through recruiting.

He's a very talented guy. He's been blessed with his athletic ability. He loves football, and he cares about it. He's going to have a great future.

What does it reflect on Hillside High School. With the respect you have...
Obviously we have an unbelievable respect for what that program does. The way they work, the way they come in. They are prepared.

We have great respect.

What about Maurice Trowell, the kid from Southern Durham?
He's doing a good job.

He's maybe as talented as anybody we have. He's learning and getting better each day. He's understanding his role and understanding what we want him to do.

He's doing a very good job.

Is this the most depth you've had at quarterback since you've been here?
Yeah, I'd say so.

Obviously Jalan is very talented. He's a very, very good football player and has a huge upside. He has to continue being better each day and push himself, and he'll do that.

With Jacoby and Jalan together that's two really good guys. They have some young guys behind them getting work, but Jalan is a good player.

Do you think they have confidence in Jalan?
I do.

I think they understand what he can do. That's a process, learning and getting the respect of the older kids. He can be with the 1's, but you're younger than them. That takes time.

He's done a good job. I think everybody knows he's very talented. How he reacts and how he continues to earn their respect is a big deal.

Are you settled into Raleigh?
It's a great place. We don't have a desire to go anywhere else. We enjoy living here and enjoy NC State... it's a great place to be.

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