VIDEO: McClendon Still Learning

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State redshirt freshman quarterback Jalan McClendon talks with Pack Pride.

"The coaches have provided us with the playbook, and we're expected to learn it."

"I'm expected to go out there and play if Jacoby goes down or if they put me in the game, knock on wood."

"Oh yeah. From what I've heard, my teammates talk about me pretty good and my talk good so whenever I go in I'm not even worried about if my teammates are worried about me messing up the game. I think I've performed well."

"I still need to get in the playbook a little bit more and learn the protections, who is going where. As far as footwork, I have to get my footwork better if I want to be the best player I can be."

"I have to represent 704."

"I've learned the plays, where everybody is going, where the defense is, but the things I'm working on are protections."

"I don't think I need the app anymore. I can get around campus now."

"I'd say Math so far... Math and English."

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