MEDIA DAY: Dave Doeren

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren discussed his offense, his defense, and several players at Media Day.

Dave Doeren

"We're starting to get a better idea of what we're dealing with and what we have, and what we need to do different."

"I love the process, I really enjoy this time of the year. Fall camp is one of my favorite times of the year."

"We're still working out some of the different things on the offensive line, moving guys around making sure we have multiple guys to play multiple positions. I think that's really important."

"We're blessed that both Alex Barr and Joe Thuney have played guard and tackle. You have Tony Adams who has played center and guard so we're able to shuffle the deck a little bit."

"That's going to be a two-week deal until Mike figures it all out. We're really excited about Will Richardson, he had a good first week and a great summer. He's pushing hard."

"I'm excited with where we're at there."

"The receivers have been competing. The young receivers early on I think were thinking a lot. Yesterday we saw Freddie Simmons and Nyheim [Hines] make some plays. It was good to see them drop their nerves."

"It's helped the older guys, Cherry, Ramos, and Alston, pushing them."

"Trowell was a little bit fatigued I thought the first few days... last year he was hurt all training camp. It's been good to see him push through."

"That group has got some depth and now we're trying to figure out who is going to be the steady guy in there."

"The tailbacks and tight ends have all been what we thought they'd be."

"Defensively we're ahead of where we were I think last year at this time."

"Not only are our starters back [in the secondary] and improved, but Germaine Pratt, Shawn Boone, Kalen McCain, Mike Stevens, Troy Vincent Jr., all those young guys that got playing time last year are playing with a lot more... better understanding of what we want from them."

"I feel good about the depth we've created in the secondary."

"M.J. [Salahuddin] is doing well."

"Jerod and Airius are looking good, and Dravious is probably playing as well as he has at the nickel spot for us. The key now is finding out who his backup is."

"You have Freddie Phillips there, and he's a freshman. Whether he's going to be that guy, we'll have to see as we move forward."

"We do have some talented freshmen [on the defensive line]. Eurndraus Bryant has been impressive... a big nose guard. He played with our two's yesterday. We gave Monty a day off to rest."

"Emmanuel Olenga has done some good things with the pass-rush. Tyrone Riley the same thing. Two long guys with talent."

"The first group is kind of what we thought they'd be. Bradley Chubb has had a lot of energy, he and Mike Rose are feeding off each other at end. Having Pharoah behind those guys, there's good competition."

"At defensive tackle we have a good rotation."

"Kyle Bambard has done a nice job in camp."

"Next Saturday we'll have some live returns so we can see what our return guys can do as well."

"Aaron Wiltz had a slight sprain and he'll be back quickly with us." "We've stayed relatively healthy, knock on wood in week one. Deonte had an ankle sprain, and he'll be back soon."

"Niles got dinged a little bit, and he'll be back soon."

"The biggest difference in camp has been the number of athletic guys we have for our special teams spots... you'd love to be able to put your starters out there but you'd love to utilize the depth of your team."

"Last year I thought our coverage units were very effective... our return units need to improve."

"I feel like the leadership is more broad now. You'll see freshmen, sophomores, and juniors leading... I'm excited about that."

Darian is doing well. He's improved from the spring and still working on the little things. He's playing on the same side as Mike, and we have a good rotation going with him and Mike Rose on one side and Chubb and Pharoah on the other. We like what all four of those guys can do."

"We spend a lot of times on special teams... we need our kicker to feel what it's like for guys to be diving at where he might land."

"A.J. has a good leg and had a good summer."

"We'll get through a couple of scrimmages before we'll tell anyone they are redshirting."

"Reggie is ahead of Johnny because he came in a semester early. He just knows the offense better. That's not Johnny's fault. It's the way it is."

"It was fun to see them compete."

"On both sides of the ball you build your offense and defense inside-out. I feel great at where we're at."

"B.J. Hill played a lot of football last year. Kentavius is in a new role but he played a lot of football last year and is one of the strongest kids I've ever coached."

"People forget that Monty Nelson was a freshman All-American that started 12 games."

"Coult Culler, we've moved from linebacker is doing really well. He's getting better and better."

"I like our depth [at defensive tackle] a lot. It's better than last year."

"What went into it was a lot of food... I just said we need to let nature run it's course."

"He was excited about it... he told me when I recruited him that he'd play anywhere he wanted me to play."

"He's done a lot of good things right now in fall camp. In the spring he was thinking a lot."

"We just felt like he's been in the backfield a lot. It would be easier to move him back... it's easier to go that way than the other."

"Our receivers carry the ball a lot in our jet packages."

"You have to want to run the football... it's a mentality."

"You have to be so technically sound at that position, and I think Mike's done a great job working with those kids."

"There have been great strides made there."

"We want to be an aggressive defense that plays great special teams, can run the ball and throw the ball to score."

"He had a great summer in the weight room. He's got a lot stronger. He's had injuries that kind of kept him out of the training cycle."

"He matured a lot. The redshirt year helped him, and Will has a really good passion and visible energy about playing football. He loves to play football."

"He worked really hard the first week to get himself in the conversation."

"What we needed him to fix during the season you kind of saw him fix as the season went on."

"He over-strided at times in his drop, which would get him off-balance."

"His accuracy down the field has been tremendous in fall camp. That's one thing we challenged him on this summer."

"He takes all of their actions very personal."

"He's still continuing to learn how to do that every down... Pharoah is competitive, he's coachable. You have to remember he was playing quarterback and receiver two years ago."

"Mentally he knows our scheme extremely well. He's played WILL and MIKE. He's very focused and really a professional when it comes to how to handle himself."

"Anytime you're coming off a leg injury there's a mental block you have to get through... even though the doctor is telling you that you're good."

"He has to get through all those things to know this knee is okay."

"He'll still need to go out there and hit somebody."

"We lost some great production inside and he's one of the few players that can play both. He's fast enough to be an end. .. we felt like he could create some mismatches in there and be a disruptive force.

I still think we play in the toughest side of the conference than anybody right now... we're going to play some really, really good conference teams. When you're playing with a team as young as we are.

"Building a team is the most important thing."

"After this year the conversation is going to end because of who we have on the schedule going forward. This is the last time they can say that."

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