MEDIA DAY: Wolfpack Players

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Several NC State players met with the media in the Murphy Center to discuss the upcoming season.

Johnny Frasier

"It's fun. It's a whole lot faster, but it's fun."

"There's great people here."

"I was used to high school level, high school speed."

Nyheim Hines

"Great, I'm really adjusting to making big plays and also mistakes."

"The quarterbacks are a lot more particular on their routes."

"It's about being the best Nyheim Hines that I can be."

"I saw her last night."

Emanuel McGirt

"It's been a pretty good transition for me."

"I came in trying to work hard."

"I think it's another experience I have to go through."

"It will definitely get me better, going against Darian Roseboro, Pharoah, and Bradley Chubb."

Jaylen Samuels

"This year my role is going to increase. I feel good going into this year."

"I've come a long way, but I'm still getting better."

"I trimmed down some body fat."

"I've been taught that ever since high school."

Coult Culler

"I know him a little bit."

"I told coach Doeren I'd do what was best for the team."

"I didn't think much of of it."

"It's been an awesome thing."

Kentavius Street

"I feel like I'm really comfortable in the schemes."

"This year I'm looking to play a lot faster."

"Now that I'm in the interior I need to be stronger, more quick-twitch."

"If they think I can feel those shoes I should feel more confident in myself."

Maurice Trowell

"I still love Southern Durham."

"We have Creecy's father as the OC over there."

"I want to help my team with whatever I can do."

"I have a lot to improve on. Last year I learned a lot."

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