PACK PRIDE Q&A: Juston Burris

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State senior cornerback Juston Burris talks with Pack Pride.

NC State senior cornerback Juston Burris talks with Pack Pride.


This is your last go-around.
Yes sir, this is it. It's the last one.

What are your expectations?
Well, we haven't done it yet but an ACC championship.

I've been thinking about it since I committed. I always wanted to go to an ACC school, and this is the school I wanted to go to. The ACC is one of the strongest conferences in college football so winning an ACC championship would be a dream come true.

To bring one back to NC State, that would be great.

You have four starters back in the secondary. Does that give you more confidence?

This is Josh's second year and this is me, Hakim, and Tocho's third year starting.

We have games under our belts. There's no nervousness coming in. We have all the jitters out. Now it's about going out and playing ball.

It's the last go-around for me and Hakim, and we're just trying to go out on top.

What did you want to improve on individually?
Just to become a more complete corner... to become a lockdown corner. I wanted to try to limit the passes, I don't care if it's a long ball or a two-yard route.

As a defense, we want to shut down the pass and that's our job. The front seven is going to worry about the run and when it gets through them we are going to come up and make the tackle.

But, our job is to stop the pass and that's what we're trying to do. We're trying to limit production int he passing game.

Who are some young guys behind you right now?
Mike Stevens and Troy, those guys... Mike Stevens is working with the two's right now and he's pushing us. He's pushing me and Tocho.

That's what you need. You need competition and when we're gone and those guys step up there's not going to be a drop-off. They have the experience, they've played in games, and once they come in and get those starting roles they are going to be pretty good.

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