PACK PRIDE Q&A: Hakim Jones

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State senior safety Hakim Jones talks about the upcoming season with Pack Pride.

NC State senior safety Hakim Jones talks about the upcoming season with Pack Pride.


This is your final season.
It's my last time.... just seeing how everything came about from the bad year to the one we had last year, and on to how this one is going to be. be.

How has practice been going for you?
It's been great.

It's a great learning experience for me as well because we have a few new things, a few new players. Just getting to know a lot of the new freshmen or our freshmen from last year. It's just great to see all the guys grow. How they came in last year.

Like Kalen McCain, one of our safeties that came in last year in the spring, he already has like four or five interceptions in this camp. Last year he was productive, but he's a lot more productive now than he was. It's just great to see him grow for me.

How much confidence do you have with four starters back there in the secondary?
It gives us a lot of confidence because we have no new faces. We're very comfortable with each other.

It's like I said, Juston [Burris], Josh [Jones] and I, we all stay together, and [Jack] Tocho is always with us as well, everywhere we go for the most part.

It just gives us a lot of confidence. We all are responsible for each other, know how each other talk, so on the field it's that much easier.

You're big for a safety, but have you seen two guys back there like Germaine Pratt and Dexter Wright?
Never before.

They have a linebacker's mentality and a linebacker's body but they are playing safety. They are faster than linebackers.

I've never seen that before, especially not here.

What do they need to keep working on, guys that big playing safety?
It's just their pad level for the most part because guys that size normally aren't playing on the back-end... not that size and weight.

I'm constantly telling them to keep their pad level low so their breaking comes off smooth. That's basically the main thing.

People look at NC State and think of the offense first. Do you feel confident in the defense right now?
I feel very confident.

We lost Rodman Noel, Brandon Pittman, and some defensive linemen, but coach Nielsen does a great job with the defensive line and coach Hux does a great job with the linebackers as well.

Our secondary is back so I have a lot of confidence in our defense.

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