PACK PRIDE Q&A: Josh Jones

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State safety Josh Jones is looking to build on a strong freshman season.

NC State safety Josh Jones is looking to build on a strong freshman season. He spoke with Pack Pride about the upcoming season after practice.


What did you need to work on?
I needed to work on a lot of things. One was becoming a force... working on my angles and hitting people hard. Basically putting fear into people, that's something I didn't do last year, in my first year.

I brushed off the jitters in my first year. I'm working on everything... my technique, one-on-one, just being a complete safety.

How much different is what you're doing now from how you played in high school?
Coming from high school to college it's a lot more to remember. In high school you probably only play a couple of coverages. Here you play a couple of coverages but here's a lot of things with it that they ask you to do.

It was a change, but you have to be smart. Your retention level has to be high and your fooball IQ has to be good. If you do that you're straight.

When did the light click on for you last year?
The light clicked probably mid-season. I'm not using young as an excuse, but I felt like I had to step up and play. I didn't play as well as I wanted to but that's why this year I'm working on a lot of things.

I want to be a force in the ACC and one of the best safeties in the ACC. That's what I plan on being.

Was there a point where you felt like you had it going last year?
I wouldn't say that because I was a little inconsistent last year. Some games I'd be on and then the next game I wouldn't. This year it's all about consistency. Playing every game and being me... just bringing energy to the field.

How do you feel the secondary looks?
I feel like we're one of the best secondaries in the ACC. We have size, speed, all you can ask for.

All our corners are 6-foot... all our DBs. Hakim and I, we've got Tocho and Burris... we're all 6-foot and above, 200-plus pounds. We just have to keep working with each other and keep growing.

We're going to be one of the best in the ACC if not the best.

With Hakim and some of the veterans in the secondary, how did they help you develop?
Watching guys with experience, how they prepare for the games... last year was my first time preparing for games.

Just watching those guys, picking their brains... see how they practice. I had to learn how to practice last year. It starts in practice. You practice fast, physical, and with speed.

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