Pack Working to Sway Colorado Commit

NC State is trying to land an official visit from wide receiver Johnny Huntley but that may be an uphill battle after his commitment to Colorado.

When Johnny Huntley talks about Colorado it really sounds like the case of a match that has been made in heaven. Almost like an unexpected romance.
Florida football player hits the big stage and starts thinking about his future. Schools in Florida and other places close to home run through his mind. Then the unexpected happens and Huntley visits Colorado. Though unfamiliar with the Buffalo program and their history going into the visit he is taken completely by surprise by what he sees and decides to choose a college he never would have imagined himself at.
Not every high school football player is comfortable picking a school that far from home but Huntley did not mind. Not many players in his shoes have a chance to take a visit to a school that far out and that made the decision easier.
These days it has become popular for a player to commit and then visit other schools. That may be one reason Colorado’s coaches probably feel like they will have to work extra hard to make sure Huntley really signs with them. Some schools that are closer to Huntley now might try to make the argument that he could find a fit that is just as good or better without having to go so far away.
Based on the way Huntley talks about the school and the environment around the school in Colorado that might not be totally convincing. But that will not stop NC State from trying. The Wolfpack is the main school stepping forward to challenge Colorado and since nothing has been signed there is also nothing to stop them from doing that.
Coaches change, minds change and wants change so staying in a player’s mind can be one way of making sure he at least thinks about a future elsewhere. This week Huntley said NC State has been recruiting him even though he is committed to Colorado.
“NC State wants me to visit. No specific time but they just want me to come. They’ve been trying to get me to visit ever since the spring. I just never had the money to go up there.”
Huntley wanted to visit NC State but that was the reason it never happened. If you think he would automatically jump at the chance to visit the school now that the Pack would be picking up the tab then you would have good reasons for thinking that. Huntley is not sure that will happen though.
His commitment changed things and so did the fact that he seems to have picked Colorado for more reasons than just their coaches recruiting him the most.
“I don’t know if I’m going to visit. Overall I’ve heard NC State is a pretty decent school and I keep in contact with their wide receiver coach a little bit. Nothing too much but we keep in contact. I think he’s taking two receivers this year and they have liked me for a little while. I’m not sure what’s going to happen with a visit or anything like that because I’m committed but that’s one school that would want me to.”
George McDonald traveled a lot of miles visiting high schools and learning about players before the summer. South Plantation is Huntley’s school and that’s one of the places he visited. He did not have to go far out of his way to stop by because there is a lot of talent in the area around there but there is no doubt that McDonald was interested in Huntley when he did stop off.
Huntley knew NC State liked him then and he knows the coaches like him now. But Colorado has stolen his heart since his visit to Boulder.
“I don’t have any official visits planned yet but I think I’m going to visit Colorado the game they play against Oregon. I went there on a visit myself not too long ago and what sticks out about them is they don’t really recruit down here so when I went up there I was just amazed. It amazed me and I loved it. The campus atmosphere and the coaches were a couple of the things I liked the best about it.”

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