Doeren: "I'm Excited"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media today to discuss the season opener against Troy.

Dave Doeren

"I'm excited for our home opener... I'd like to get our students and fans back in the stadium with our team."

"We took a chance to watch somebody else play and it gets you excited. The season is here, and we're in game week. Now we know our focus."

"When you play teams with new staffs it's important that we focus on us. That will be key."

"We need to focus on the things we can control as a football team."

"Troy is an athletic team. They return nine starters on offense. They have a new staff, and an experienced play-caller in Neal Brown and a defensive coordinator Vic Koennig."

"They have two talented backs and big play receiver in Holmes."

"We don't know exactly schematically what we're going to get...we know what Kentucky did and what North Carolina did, where the coordinators are coming from."

"I'm excited for our players and to se how some of them react. There are several first-time starters, whether they are true freshmen like Nyheim or redshirt freshmen who will be playing for the first time like Maurice Trowell, who had a really good camp."

"We had a mock game Sunday night and were able to go through a lot of situations with the guys."

"We look forward to having everybody in the stadium to support the team."

"Depth is so important, and really everybody has depth. You want the depth to be competitive."

"When you take Jerod Fernandez, M.J., and Ford Howell, that's three older guys. That's a great situation to have at linebacker."

"We feel like we have much better depth at a lot of position."

"We have really good talent backing up our offensive linemen, but it's young talent."

"That's the one spot on the roster where you kind of cross your fingers on. The rest is experience backed up by experience."

"There are not seniors, there's only 11 of those guys... it's a better situation than a year ago."

"You can't replace experience. I think life experience for everybody is important. You learn by doing. A lot of times, young people you tell them something but they have to live it to understand it."

"The way we didn't play the following week is an experience that serves us too."

"All those things make us who we are, as coaches and players, and will help us going forward."

"[Nichols] has been injured a lot. None of them are major, but I challenged him in the offseason. He's had a ton of hamstring, groin, quads... that have kept him from sustaining any kind of opportunity to play on offense. As soon as he stated to look good he'd be out."

"Knock on wood, he's done a great job. Our strength staff and our trainer deserve some credit as well. He went through every practice and took every rep he's supposed to take. Now he's been out there enough where everyday you can see who he really is."

"He's tough, he's competitive, and he has good skills. He's had the luxury of watching Shad and Matt... really learning from two guys playing at a high level."

"Reggie and him are competing a lot because they know they are in a position to be the next guy in. The biggest thing when you are trying to show you belong is you have to be out there everyday and he was able to do that."

"He's pretty fast straight ahead... he can run."

"Going into camp I was very concerned. We also have Shawn Boone that can play there. Shawn practiced at nickel a lot throughout camp and we feel great about it right now. We feel like Shawn can play in a game at strong safety or if Dray is out... we feel like we have three guys that can play in that spot right now."

"No, that's not a plan. It's Jacoby's offense, and he'll be our quarterback. If we get a big lead and we can play Jalan that's what we'll do."

"If we can get him reps we'll do it, but in a tight game I'm not going to walk in there and say series four is your series."

"I think so. A little of it is dictated by the offense you're playing. Troy is an uptempo offense that operates a little like UNC."

"We'd like to be similar to how we finished... pressure and playing tighter coverage... mixing our packages as much as we can."

"He's a very good dogger... it's probably one of his greatest skillsets, how he is on blitzes. He's really good... really quick-twitch."

"Airius, his skillset, he's really explosive. He's one of the most quick-twitch guys we have. His lateral movement skills are going to serve him well in our pressure packages. There is some good depth there now too."

"If we can have success on offense and get some three-and-outs early that's hard on an uptempo offense."

"Takeaways early in the season are going to be key."

"We're thankful for our fans for the sellout season."

"I can tell they are excited. They loved how we finished the season and are excited about our recruiting class."

"We need to see what we have as coaches. You get to the point, 28 practices against yourself, you have to see it against someone else."

"You learn from past experiences. That's one of the thing I learned from coach Mangino. He was really strict to his vision."

"It's about raising the bar and being better than we were."

"I believe in my heart the most important thing is to focus on us."

"We're really excited about Johnny's future. When he got here, he had some little things that took him away from the field... he's such a great kid with a great skillset. To play him as a freshman, you don't want to just get him five carries."

"With Matt, Shad, Reggie, Dakwa, and Jaylen Samuels, who know one talks about... he can carry the ball too... and Nyheim."

"Unless something changes the plan is to redshirt [Frasier] and get him ready to the be the guy. The guy we know he can be, and he knows he can be."

"We're really excited about the future and this will be a great year for him... and it's really not a year. We're talking about four months and then you're trying to win a job."

"He got back to who he was, to his credit. His freshman year he had five touchdowns and I think they all may have been in his last six games."

"He's back to who he was. He's consistent. He makes good catches, he has good chemistry with the quarterback. I'm looking forward to seeing him play."

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