PC: Joe Thuney And Airius Moore Discuss Troy

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State's Joe Thuney and Airius Moore discuss the upcoming game against Troy.

Joe Thuney

"I just think we'll attack each game the same... not prepare differently for a huge team like Florida State or the first game like Troy."

"Toward the end of season last year we came on really strong. We were physically a lot stronger than opponents we faced. A lot of teams wear down but we got stronger as the year progressed."

"Naturally being the most experienced on the offensive line, we've seen tough games and won tough games."

"Staying focused is going to help them a lot."

"Coach U. likes to rotate us a lot because injuries can happen."

"We rotate into the guard area too. Right now it looks like Will and I, but any of us four guys can play at a high level."

"Garrett Bradbury has been a good surprise... he's done really well for us."

"Tyler Jones being that kind of sixth guy, he's a real good offensive lineman too."

"We just feel confident. I don't think we'll go into a game this year thinking we're the underdogs."

"We have confidence going into each game."

"Reggie Gallaspy has done a really good job. He runs really hard. It's fun because he's a really physical back. For an offensive lineman, when you have a physical back it makes blocking a lot easier and a lot more fun."

"Honestly, half the time I don't know who the running back is back there because we have so much depth there, so many good players. We don't worry about who is on the field or who is on the field. We just worry about making holes for whoever is back there."

"He comes in with a lot of focus, a lot of energy... we're starting to really believe in his system. The first year we kind of had those bumps like you said, but he's turned things around."

"Now expectations are really high and I can't be more excited."

"Mike Rose, a fifth-year senior is very impressive on the field. He's a handful to block."

"Bradley Chubb has also come along very well. He's a young guy, but he's very athletic on the edge."

"B.J. Hill is a force at nose tackle. I'm excited to watch him make plays this fall."

"You'll be surprised. He's very fast, athletic, and physical. It's going to be a good one-two punch for those two guys on the edges."

Airius Moore

"I think we have a better grasp of the concepts that coach Hux is teaching."

"Last year, a lot of guys were young."

"I went back and watched film of Rod and he's just a really smart player."

"That's been the biggest thing I've worked on, just knowing the entire defense. I think knowing 'MIKE' helps me know 'WILL.'"

"I think everyone knows that Jaylen Samuels is a playmaker. He catches the ball, he runs the ball, and he's probably one of the most fun players to watch on our team. He's on the of the better to compete against on our team... when we go against the offense."

"I think he's going to have an effective season."

"You do get to blitz more, and I worked on that this summer, so hopefully I can make some plays when we're blitzing."

"Coach Hux preaches being in your gap, and I think since we all understand the concepts then we'll be better at stopping the run."

"I met coach Tramain when I was in seventh grade. I didn't know he went to NC State at the time."

"I still talk to him now... I talk to him about things that athletes go through and he's helped me with this process."

"We all got to play last year so I feel like you can use the word inexperience. We might be young, but we do have experience."

"The biggest thing I think I learned last year was... you have to be physical and if you have an idea of what play is coming by the formations you can be more effective on the field."

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