PACK PRIDE Q&A: Monty Nelson

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State junior defensive tackle Monty Nelson talks with Pack Pride.

NC State junior defensive tackle Monty Nelson talks with Pack Pride.


How are you doing now physically?
I'm fine. I just got through fall camp and I'll continue to get my treatments two times a day. I've been feeling great lately.

Are you excited that the opener is almost here?
It's unreal that it's here so fast, but we're going to handle it. I think everybody is excited to see what Saturday brings. We've been working so hard, now we have the chance to just go play.

Can you talk about the depth on the defensive line?
The depth that we have is great, but that doesn't mean we can't be ready to play. Whether we're two-deep, three-deep, or four-deep, we still have to be ready to play... everybody.

The youth, we have to play like we're fifth-year seniors. We can't play like we're young and just out of high school. Whether you're mid-year, redshirt... we all have to play to a certain level.

Where do you think the depth compares to others in the ACC?
I don't really worry about that. I just worry about us.

Do you have the talent to compete for an ACC title?
Without a doubt, but we just have to get out here and work and see where we end up at the end of the season. We can't focus on an ACC title without going through our games.

What's it like working with coach Nieslen?
It's very demanding. He can't stress fundamentals enough. Playing for him you must have great fundamentals. He doesn't care about the TFL's, it's about fundamentals. We work on that every day.

Do you feel like you're back to your freshman level?
You have to wait until gameday to see it. I can't give away anything until gameday. I'll let everything loose.

Who has impressed you on the defensive line?
I've been impressed with everybody to be honest with you. We've grown a lot, matured. Freshmen, sophomores... I think were doing a great job, and we can have a great line this year.

Are you and Mike Rose the leaders of the group?
Being the two oldest players on the line, a lot of guys will look up to us. We have to be the voice of reason. Just because you have a bad play doesn't mean the next one can't be great.

Me and Mike, we just say you have to keep working really.

What is the vibe like around campus?
Everyone is pumped up, without a doubt. Walking around campus, they are all ready to see what we can do this year.

They'll see on gameday.

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