PC: Matt Dayes And Dravious Wright Talk EKU

RALEIGH, N.C. - NC State's Matt Dayes and Dravious Wright discuss the upcoming game against Eastern Kentucky.

Matt Dayes

"It's a huge confidence, not only for me but as a team."

"I take great pride in blocking, and I worked on that a lot in offseason."

"I like to see one of my teammates score."

"I actually haven't really ran the 40 since 10th grade of high school, but I feel great in the weightroom."

"They deserve all the credit. They did a great job of moving those guys. They deserve it all."

"I didn't even realize that because it seemed like we were running the ball so much. That was great."

"Coach Canada harped on no pre-snap penalties, and we did a better job than we did last year."

"They don't know if Jaylen or Nyheim is getting the ball."

"We're headed in the right way."

"The excitement was there because we were tired of going against our defense. It was great to play against someone else."

"It's early in the season, everyone is excited."

"It was great to see that."

"The o-line is blocking really well right now. It's what we expected them to do."

"I think we're not even close to what we're capable of. It's great to be going in the right direction."

Dravious Wright

"A lot of people have been texting me and calling me and sending me that video from back home... they've been saying it was an amazing hit and asking me how I felt after that hit."

"At first I didn't realize it was that big of a hit until after the game I kind of watched it and looked back at it."

"It really didn't matter, but it was kind of nice to have it No. 8 and being No. 8. That was cool. It gives me something to strive for."

"They just say we need it every week."

"I'm going to try and be that playmaker that makes those big plays for us."

"We just have to get better at communication. Nothing they did really was something they did. It was missed communications and we weren't on the same page on the calls."

"It's about being better on communication so everybody has their right keys."

"My comfort level is very high this year. It's about going out there and playing... I'd say my confidence level is very high right now."

"Well, the training room and everybody that helps me through it, the medical staff, they are doing a great job of getting me my treatments and making sure I'm staying on top of it."

"It's tough playing with Crohn's because you have to watch what you eat, watch what you're doing... it's alright, but it's got a lot better."

"I like to eat a lot of sweets, and you can't eat a lot of sweets. You have to watch what you eat... can't eat a lot of red meat, cheese."

"It's... sometimes your stomach will get upset and it will throw my mood off a little bit, but when I get back on track it doesn't bother me too much."

"It doesn't matter what conference the team is in... that's when someone will sneak up on you, when you look down on them and don't respect them as a team."

"You're cheering them on and thanking them for the time you can rest up on the bench."

"One of the biggest things that he preached after this game was creating more takeaways. They were disappointed that we didn't have that many takeaways. That was one of the things we grinded on this spring and offseason, creating more takeaways and being that defense that gets the ball back for the offense."

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