Doeren: "We're Excited For The Opportunity"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media today to discuss the upcoming game against Eastern Kentucky.

Dave Doeren PC

"We're going to wear our black uniforms and black helmets this week... Pack In Black. So we're asking our students and fans to help us out with the blackout in the stadium."

"We'd love to have you guys helping us with the cause. The players are excited about it."

"I'm very proud of the execution we had on offense. The lack of penalties... we were able to control the clock and execute on third down and fourth down. The way we threw it and caught it... very efficient."

"Defensively, there were four plays that took away from a pretty good performance. It was a good learning experience for those guys. We can't be a defense that gives up 150 yards on four plays, and they know that."

"It's a good game for those guys to learn off of. I thought we handled their uptempo. Guys were lined up, ready to play, and we were able to execute a lot of calls on defense."

"We were excellent on third down."

"I'm happy with the performance that our punter, snapper, kicker, and kickoff. All those guys were playing in their first game and performed well."

"It's a really good Eastern Kentucky team. 9-4 in the playoffs last year, 1-0 this season. They scored 52 points in their opener and are the 14th ranked team in FCS. It's a team that has a lot of tradition. I think the second-winningest program as far as trips to the playoffs... 21 times."

"Head coach Dean Hood was at Wake, and he's a good defensive coach. You can see it in their team. They were second in the nation in forced turnovers last year... forced 33 turnovers. I know he was an opportunistic coach as well."

"He's a very good coach... look forward to the challenge."

"Offensively their quarterback is a transfer from Cincinnati that we expect to see. They have played two quarterbacks."

"Their tailback makes their offense go. He was a preseason All-American... averaged 5.8 yards per carry and had 20 touchdowns last season."

"Two big receivers, two 6'5 guys... Glover had two touchdowns in week one. Guys that can go up and get it."

"It's similar with their defense as far as having difference makers at transfers. The running back is a transfer from Kentucky, an their best defensive player in the front seven is a defensive end that transferred from Ohio State, Spence. Very quick-twitch... great get-off, change-of-direction."

"Their d-tackles have a lot of experience."

"For us it's another game where we're going to talk about ourselves with our football team and being disciplined with the process."

"What do you have to do in the process to keep that from happening so we can improve as a football team?"

"Special-teams wise they blocked seven kicks last year and had one player, No. 88, who blocked five himself."

"We're excited for the opportunity to be back at home and look for another crowd like we had last week."

"You get what you emphasize. It's something we talk a lot about, and one of the foundations of our program is not beating ourselves. That's on the field and off the field."

"Just getting the call and the play and focusing on what your responsibility is."

"Our coaches did a good job of preparing our players."

"The answer is no, I'd rather score a touchdown, and I've seen him in a scrimmage situation kick a lot. I know the time will come. We were prepared multiple times to bring him out and kick but we converted."

"We actually feel like we know more about this team than the first because they were there last year as a staff."

"It will give us more opportunity to watch film of this team."

"If you're not excited to play than you have a problem. Hopefully we don't see any of that out of our guys."

"I'm definitely happy with how the veteran players played."

"There were a lot of first-time starters 12 months ago."

"Last year their opening game was not real good and this year it was."

"I think we were either No. 1 or No. 2 in the country for playing freshmen in the opener."

"I thought they played fast. Reggie ran the ball well."

"It seems like a group that enjoys playing the game and preparing the right way."

"I thought we ran the ball effectively."

"We didn't ask Jalan to throw it a lot."

"Nationally I haven't seen it. I've seen pictures. It was a great hit. It was clean, physical. I wish he would have picked it up and ran it back for a touchdown."

"He's a guy that can spark us. I think he has that in him. He's a quick-twitch guy that brings some punch when he hits you."

"I talk to the Leadership Council every Sunday and one of the things we talked about was what are we wearing this week."

"It's something that I think from a recruiting standpoint and an excitement standpoint it helps both of those things."

"We aren't going to stray too far from the Red and White."

"It matters in recruiting, and I know last year we got a lot of national pub about our helmet and jersey combination."

"I was really impressed. Like I said, our biggest thing in all the sports is raising the bar and being the best we can be."

"I think we have such a great fanbase, and for our recruits to see that fanbase it makes us different than any school in the state of North Carolina, especially when there was a built-in excuse with the rain... they were awesome. If we can continue to get that it makes us a better football team."

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