Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Several NC State players met with the media following the win over Eastern Kentucky.

Jacoby Brissett

"Everytime he touches the ball he makes a big play."

"We came out and a lot of stuff was my fault. We have to go back and correct it."

"We came out and played a little sloppy but pulled it out toward the end."

"You know what you're going to get every game. There's nothing he can't do. He's in that category with Jay Sam."

"I think we did a great job. I think we only had one or two sacks and one of them was a coverage sack... I should have thrown the ball away."

"He's a great leader for our group."

B.J. Hill

"I wasn't worried about it because I knew our offense was going to take care of them and do what they needed to do."

"We wanted to play more in the backfield. Last week we didn't play the way we did today."

"We're happy about that... excited."

"We got an egg on the board."

Will Richardson

"It makes me feel great. When you have a running back who can make a man miss and hit the right gaps."

"It makes me feel good as well as the rest of the offensive line."

"Spence, I sat back and studied this man longer than I ever studied anybody."

"He's a great player. I can tell why he's a NFL player."

"The biggest thing for me is film."

Jaylen Samuels

"Just do what I do... make a play."

"We do a lot of jets... I'm pretty sure they are a little confused at what I can do."

"I can see on their faces that they don't know what I'm going to do."

"He brings a lot to the able. Ramos, he's 6'3 and pretty hard to defend."

Jumichael Ramos

"The offense is great, running the ball. Just going back to Matt Dayes, he's a great guy to have running the ball."

"Just trying to be consistent with my blocking."

"It's great. We just go out there and then the game is very easy."

"It's easy on the field because we do it in practice so many times."

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