Locker Room Report: Dave Doeren

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media following the Wolfpack's 35-0 win over Eastern Kentucky.

Opening Statement:
First of all I would like to thank everybody for the black-out and the fan support. We greatly appreciate it. Our players really appreciate the fans doing that for us. It really means a lot to us. We have got to go on the road now for a couple of weeks It will be a little but before we come back and we will be back in league play.

As far as the game goes, I am proud of the defense for the shutout. I don't know how many three-and-outs they had--was it eight? Eight three-and-outs out of their 10 series on defense so I am really impressed there.

Our return game, I thought Bra'Lon Cherry did some nice things and would have had over a hundred yards if it wasn't for a clip that called one of them back.

Offensively, we are around 450 rushing and 450 passing after two games so it is great balance after two games now. We had great time of possession again offensively. Third down on both sides of the ball was efficient. Matt Dayes with back-to-back 100 yard games it was great to get Jalan (McClendon) in the game for Jacoby (Brissett) there at the end.

I thought (Jumichael) Ramos and Jaylen Samuels both showed up and played good games for us catching the football. The only thing I would have loved to seen different was maybe a few takeaways on defense and I hate that we fumbled with one of our running backs early in the game but a lot of guys got to be involved.

It is a good win anytime you get a shutout, especially on a team that is ranked 17th in their league. It is a good football team. I thought the second half we played better than the first.

Are you starting to see which players are going to be consistent performers, game-in, game-out.
I think so. Bra'Lon has had two good weeks in a row. Jacoby has had two good weeks in a row. Obviously, we expected that from him. Jaylen Samuels and Ramos and (Johnathan) Alston--he had a drop but he played hard. Our offensive line has been pretty consistent. I was disappointed in our second team O-line at times protection-wise but we ran the ball pretty well behind them.

On defense, there is a bunch of guys that played tonight. A lot got in the game. It will be good film to watch. We will learn a lot from it for our first road trip.

It seems like the defensive line set the tone, especially (Bradley) Chubb and (B.J.) Hill. Is that how you saw it?
I will have to watch it. I challenged those guys. We need to have more plays in the backfield. We did. It looks like they rushed for 35 yards on the night so obviously we won up front for that to happen. That is what we expect. We expect to make plays in the backfield with our front. Coach (Dave) Huxtable did some good adjusting. They had a couple of new wrinkles with their power-read scheme they were running. They had not shown that in the first game.

D-line for us was a strength last year at the end of the season. We lost those guys so seeing Chubb step up some of the inside guys, I thought Eurndraus Bryant again had some penetration just like he did last week. It will be fun to watch the tape and see who the most productive guys are.

(Matt Dayes) is so steady, so even-keel all the time. Does that help with what you want to do on offense?
I wish a lot of guys were like him--show up, work hard, take pride in their work and get better. Take it personal and hear the coaching. He is very competitive guy. He is intrinsically motivated. I love being around players like Matt Dayes.

I am proud of him. He has had two great games. It is only going to make him better now with Shad(rach) Thornton coming back. Those two guys style-wise are very different. It is going to be hard to defend them. I am excited to get those two back in the game together moving forward.

Even though you led 14-0 late in the first half it seemed like the defensive plays at the goal line seemed to get you going?
Yeah, that was great. Anytime you in the red zone on defense and get no points that is huge. I think we had one opportunity defensively in the red zone and we were one-of-one. That is big. That shows a lot.

It was after a long pass and then a face mask penalty, and then another long pass. They had three consecutive plays that can kind of get you down. Then to hold them, that is a big drive right there for them.

Last week we saw Jaylen with three touchdowns and then this week it was more with receiving. He can do a little bit of everything. What is it about him that makes him so versatile as a threat for your offense?
He has just got a lot of skillsets. He is built like a fullback. He is 230 pounds and he can squat over 500 pounds. He can play at that position. He is blocking people with leverage but he has got receiver hands. It is weird because in high school he was a H-back and then he turned into a running back through the course of his high school career.

His senior year he played running back and wildcat quarterback so the things we are doing with him, he actually did all this stuff in high school. We are just fortunate to have a guy that has that many skillsets, and Coach (Matt) Canada and his staff does a nice job putting his versatility in the package to use him.

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