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PC: NC State's Dave Doeren Talks Old Dominion

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media to discuss the upcoming game against Old Dominion.

 Dave Doeren

"We held them to eight-three-and outs."

"Offensively, just being consistent. We didn't start as good as I was hoping."

"I thought Joe really played well after the first two plays, Joe Thuney."

"We did increase our explosive plays."

"We're coming up on a stretch where six of the next eight games are on the road."

"We should have a great crowd.  They are 2-0."

"Their tailback is leading the nation in rushing, Lowery."

"Their defense is active up front.  I think their defensive line has got better."

"They've tackled well defensively in the first two games."

"Our preparation and focus is key.  Being a good road team, that's what it's about. Focusing on us and what we can control."

"We control how much they do it by how we play. We just have to do a good job of controling every situation we can."

"It works well. We've been rotating. Matt has had 50-something plays in the last two games which is a lot."

"David Grinnage is probably back to full strenght finally too."

"We feel like we have some good weapons that we can move around and be versatile with."

"Whether it's a simple run or a three-step, or a screen, or a deep ball, they all have to be executed."

"I think a season ago they surprise-onsided five times."

"They've been pretty vanilla in the first two games and relied a lot on their run game."

"We've got better from week one to week two and that's where we are at."

"They are very coachable. I'm impressed with our return game. Last year that was a weakness for our football team."

"If I'm Ramos I want to play hard knowing I'm going to get it."

"Every single player that i've ever dealt with it always comes down to do I think there is reason to continue working with this guy."

"Is he remorsed?  Is he going to get better? Is this hurting our football team?  At some point you reach I can't help him anymore, and I'm done. With him I ddn't feel that way. He's the best him that he's been since I've been here. I'm execited he gets to play, and he's been through a lot that he's brought on himself, and he's learned from it. If I felt I couldn't help him anymore he wouldn't be here."

"For him it's just running the offense with noise. That's it."

"It's lower leg and it's day-to-day. It's not a surgical type deal. It's more in the sprain variety. The trainer will be up in an a hour to talk to me about where hes' at.  I Hopefully it's good news but I haven't heard one way or another where he is today. He was in a boot for precaution after the game, wasn't on crutches when I saw him."

"Bradbury is a lot better. I'm hoping to hear good news about him. That would help to get him back. He was playing better, backing up Barr at one time."

"We'll have some different guys, that's why we cross-train. Tyler Jones has played left guard as well. Terronne Prescod is  a guy that can play guard and center... Bryce Kennedy played a lot in the game. That was good for him to get those reps because he may be thes tarter there this weekend."

"Joe Thuney can move in there too. That's an option. We'd love to get Bradbury back and give us one more guy that can play."

"We could have played Jack in the game and coach didn't feel like it was worth doing... thought one more week could help him."

"Pharoah practiced last week and with the way the other guys were playing compared to how he practiced... he was out for about a month, coach Nielsen didn't feel comfortable putting him in yet."

"He's just hard to tackle. He has great ballskills and vision.  He's a football player.  [Samuels] is really strong. That's the thing. People don't understand how strong that kid is.  We back him down... he can get over 500 pounds on the squat rack and do it real easily."

"He was trained the way we are playing him... he's done all these things his whole career, so for us we're using the skillset he came here with.  It's nice to be in a system where we can put him in a lot of places to do what he does."

"The blocking part was probably the thing that came last for him because he didn't do a lot of it."

"Matt doesn't say a lot.  I wish we had more guys like that."

"He's shown that in two games. I still think there's a lot of growth that's going to happen on our team when you're playing as many young guys as we have."

"He's really fast when he's playing confident football."

"J. Mike and Jacoby have good chemistry together."

"I'm excited about their chemistry more than anything."

"Grinnage missed all of winter conditioning and almost half the summer so he was out of shape.  He had a meniscus we had to clean up and sore back coming out of the season... now he's healthy and he feels good... he's had two really good back-to-back weeks of practice.  He's starting to become really crisp again and gives us a big target that we need."

"He's strong and you see that in his returns.  He's hard to tackle... a lot of yards after first contact."

"[Benson Browne] has done a nice job with his body... because of that his athletic ability is coming out.  He's playing with great confidence."

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