NC State's Benson Browne And Juston Burris Talk Old Dominion

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State's Juston Burris and Benson Browne met with the media to discuss the upcoming game against Old Dominion.

Benson Browne

"Either way, it's a great feeling, knowing that we've put points on the board."

"The coaches trusting me to be the one to catch the ball and bring it to the endzone is a great feeling.

"We get a script of the playcalls so we have an idea of what our plays are by the situation."

"It took me by surprise."

"Me and Jay are in the same room... it's not really a competition."

"JaySam... a talker?  That's just the way he plays.  He likes to have an edge.  He does what he has to do.  As long as he doesn't get a flag, it's not a problem."

"Jay does what he does.  He's fast and a strong and physical player.  The more experience he gets the better he is."

"We all know the gifts that Shadrach has been blessed with to play football."

Juston Burris

"During the offseason we're doing a lot more leadership activities."

"We are going on the road with a more mature mindset... we have to use our teammates and that leadership we have to go on the road."

"Last year we took [ODU] lightly and they came out and hung 34 points on us.  No, we're not taking ODU lightly at all."

"This is the first roadtrip. We have to go with the mentality that we have to put them away early and hopefully come out with the win."

"We shouldnt' have [taken them lightly], and this year we're not making that mistake."

"It's a different atmosphere.  Instead of people cheering for you they are cheering against you."

"We have to use our teammates."

"We have 60-something people going on this trip, this team, and that's all we really need to get the W."

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