PACK PRIDE Q&A: Tony Adams

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Pack Pride checks in with sophomore offensive guard Tony Adams.

Sophomore offensive guard Tony Adams is talented on the field and engaging off of it, and he is meshing well with NC State’s three seniors on the offensive line. Pack Pride recently spoke to Adams, and the topics discussed included playing on road, the Old Dominion defensive line, the solid play of freshman Will Richardson, and more.

Do you enjoy road games?
Absolutely. Going into that atmosphere it allows us to play with some adversity. As soon as we defeat that adversity, it will shut the crowd up. It is not as loud when you play smooth.

What do you know about Old Dominion’s defensive line?
They are big. They have got a lot of size. They do a lot of twists, a lot of stunts. We are definitely going to go after them and try to do what we do. We are willing to run or pass the ball.

Do you block any different for Shadrach Thornton and what does he return mean to the team?
It adds versatility always but we take it the same way. We block the same for every one of our running backs so they can have the best games that they can have, they can find the holes they need and they can run for five yards every time. That is what we expect so that is one thing we look forward to with Shad coming back. He adds versatility but we will block the same way every time.

This is your second season in college. Has the game slowed down to an extent? Do you feel more settled?
The game has actually slowed down. It is definitely a lot more clear than it was last year. Everything is more smooth. I am just enjoying it. I am enjoying the moment. Last year, I was nervous every game. This year I am a little nervous still but I am playing a lot more clean so it is a lot better.

How happy are you after two games? Is this where you hoped the team would be?
We are never satisfied as a squad. We want to just keep winning. Every game is our biggest game. We want to score more and more points. We were not satisfied with 35 against Eastern Kentucky so hopefully we will keep going, keep scoring more, and do better and better every game.

How impressed have you been with freshman Will Richardson after his first two college starts?
He has done really well. He has a lot of fire in his butt because he attacks every play. He does really well. I am proud of him. I know last year as a freshman it was tough. Nerves can sometimes take over but he is doing great for how old he is. He went against a really good D-end last week and he did really well. He dominated.

Noah Spence of Eastern Kentucky is indeed a really good D-end. In fact, he is one of the better ones NC State will face. How confident are you in Richardson after his performance against Spence? Does that bode well for NC State going forward?
Absolutely. It gives us all the confidence that we need. We came in with confidence in that game anyway but we are more and more confident as we go on and play better players so we feel like we can block anybody. Blocking well against Noah Spence and doing well against him, we definitely will have more confidence as we go on throughout the season.

Matt Dayes has rushed for over 100 yards in each of the first two games. Do the members of the offensive line take a certain pride in having a running back reach the century mark in rushing yards?
Absolutely. He takes us out to dinner on Thursday every time he gets more than 100, so eating is fun. That’s always good for us too.

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