Moxley: "I am blessed to be here"

RALEIGH, N.C. --NC State assistant Rob Moxley met with the media on Thursday in the Dail Center. Here is the audio from his press conference and some notable quotes.

Rob Moxley

“It is good to see everybody, that is for sure. It has been an interesting run for me. On May 6th I had a stroke. Everything I think knows. It was a very scary moment for me and for my family for sure but I fought through it and I rehabbed. I am back full time working here at State, where I want to be--where I love to be. I am blessed to be here for sure.”

“The paramedics, I want to thank them. They were incredible. The three people that came to my house and saved my life on the way to the hospital--they were incredible--so I definitely want to thank them for me being here.”

“I went into cardiac arrest on the way to the hospital in the back of the EMS. They definitely saved my life.”

“I don’t really know to be honest. I am not quite sure but it definitely stopped.”

“I feel great. I went through rehab. I feel great. I am physically strong--just about as strong as I was, I think, before it happened.”

“I did all kinds. I did physical rehab at Wake (Medical). I did everything from ball crawls to squats. [His physical therapist] killed me. She was good at what she did. She was very good. I feel great.”

“I am diabetic. My blood sugar got out of control a little bit and I didn’t realize it. It just hit me, but my blood sugar has been great. My A1C--which is three month’s blood sugar is 6.2 the last time I checked when I went to the doctor. It has been under great control and I am going to keep it there.”

“Maybe laying in the hospital bed. My vision was very good at first either--I couldn’t see very well at all. I was scared that I wouldn’t get to see or watch the guys play or watch them work out ever again. So definitely there was a time where I worried I wouldn’t be able to coach again. I fought through it. My vision has come back. It is good now. I am driving again, which my wife likes because she doesn’t have to drive me everywhere. I am good.”

“I have had it for 10 years now.”

“As long as I keep it under control, which I am doing a much better job of now, then it shouldn’t happen again.”

“I wasn’t checking it as regularly as I needed to. I check it eight or nine times a day now.”

“It was great. It was a great feeling. That is why I live. I live to coach, to recruit, and so it was a great feeling.”

“Yeah, it did. The support here has been great. Coach Gottfried and all of the coaches came and seen me at the hospital to support me. Just in the coaching community, all the texts--which now I can read again. At first I couldn’t see the texts on my phone. It is a great feeling to be back at it.”

“I guess they found out through my wife and through other coaches texting them and telling them. All the guys came to see me at the hospital, which is great. The support from all the NC State community has been great. It has been unbelievable.”

“No I don’t. I don’t worry about it at all. I am healthy again. My blood sugar is great so I really don’t worry about that part of it at all. I am just happy to be back recruiting, that is for sure.”

“I actually went out at the end of the July period to [Las] Vegas for the last four days. Now we are back at it, starting on September 9th, so I have been out four or five times.”

“I was in the hospital for probably a week, then the sent me home. They were going to send me to physical therapy but they sent me straight home because I was doing so well. I starting doing some physical therapy in the house. The lady would come to see me there. My vision started to come back as I improved probably three weeks after that. Now it is great.”

“Everything was foggy. I could see but it was just real foggy. It wasn’t any fun, that is for sure.”

“No. Never. Iit makes you appreciate life, that is for sure. Every day I want to appreciate my family, my kids, especially my wife. It makes you realize it can be taken away. It is a great feeling to be back healthy and back at it though.”

“The lady at physical therapy sure did. She pushed me hard. You find out how hard you can push yourself out of your comfort range. She was great.”

“When I went to the hospital I saw my wife for the first time. She was standing there by the bed and that was a bad feeling. I could see the fear in her face. Bobby Lutz was there. It wasn’t a good feeling.”

“I thought I would be okay right away. I knew I would get through it. That is just the way I am. I kind of felt that I would get back to being healthy as soon as possible.”

“Yeah I do. It was a great feeling to walk back on the court. I think Ralston Turner was in there shooting, maybe T.J. Warren might have been here too. Just to see those guys shooting from up top was a great feeling.”

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