PC: NC State Head Coach Dave Doeren Talks South Alabama

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media to discuss the upcoming game against South Alabama.

 Dave Doeren

"Happy to be 3-0 and proud of our team for taking everything we had to heart."

"I don't know how many snaps we had, but there were a lot of snaps and we had no penalties on offense and I think that was a great tribute to their preparation."

"I'd like to thank our fans and families of our players that traveled to the game.  It was great to see so much read make the road trip."

"As the game went, to have no turnovers and no penalties on offense and to be able to hold the nation's leading rusher to what we did... there were a lot of good things that happened in the game.  I'm excited about that."

"It also helps our defense and take uptempo teams out of rhythm."

"Just building a program around being able to run the football and stop the run, that's where it starts."

"I thought our receivers really played for each other... the way they blocked for each other and backs."

"I was proud of their effort and the way they are playing for each other... that's the fun part when you watch the film. You can see tight ends getting excited for other tight ends... the backs cheering each other on. You can feel it, and it's on both sides of the football."

"All you can control is yourself."

"It is what it is. Don't worry about it and handle what you can handle and control what you can control."

"I'm starting to see players feed off of each other even more, and that's what we want."

"I'm proud of our punter.  A.J. Cole had four punts inside the 20 and none of them were touchbacks... two of them were downed inside the ten."

"They had zero yards in their punt return game."

"Kyle Bambard barely missed a long field goal and followed it up with a make. Both of those were good kicks. I'm glad he got the first one on the board and the monkey off his back."

"The town of Mobile really supported the bowl when I was there, they packed it in, so I'm expecting a good crowd... good football fans."

"I think Rocky Long at San Diego State is one of the best coaches in college football and he always has his team ready to play. For them to be able to go on the road, and they were down 17-3, to come back and win that says a lot about their kids."

"[Coach Jones] is a great coach.  Watching his football team, they play hard, they are sound, and they do a lot of different things on defense."

"They will challenge you with different coverages."

"They really benefited from what happened at UAB.  UAB's decision has really helped South Alabama's program.  Their top two receivers, their tight end, and their quarterback are all from UAB and they are all playing well."

"I'm happy those kids are getting the chance to play the game."

"Their offensive coordinator also came from UAB so it's interesting how that worked out."

"They have a great speed receiver that's averaging 23 yards per catch.  He had three deep balls that he caught on Nebraska. He transferred from Alabama to UAB and then UAB to them."

"They are really athletic on the offensive line.  It's probably the best offensive line we've seen. Their right tackle hasn't given up a sack in like 400 passes, that says a lot about him. That's a pretty impressive stat."

"Their offensive line coach does a good job with their fundamentals."

"They do some nice things with their offensive line, fundamentally and schematically."

"They've forced seven fumbles and have three picks."

"For us it's going on the road again and playing another night game."

"We'll wait all day to play again, and I know our guys are excited for the opportunity."

"The big thing is preparing for the test."

"Alex Barr didn't play last week and will probably be out again. We're hoping to have him back for Louisville, but it's doubtful this week."

"Garrett Bradbury is back so that's good news. He got cleared this past weekend."

"I dont know on Bryce Kennedy yet. We should know by tomorrow, but he's questionable for the game."

"Having Joe Thuney who can play guard or tackle, Tyler Jones who can play guard or tackle, and Garrett back, that will help our depth there."

"It's a great challenge for our team. They haven't had a team at NC State to win five in a row on the road since 1973.  That's a long time ago. That's  a great challenge for our football team, to make history on the road."

"That will be a huge emphasis this week... to go on the road and do something that hasn't been done in a long time."

"We'll have Tyler Jones and Joe Thuney play both spots, and we'll get a feel for what we think is the best way to play them. A little bit depends on, we have to look at their personnel and how we match up best.  Is it best to have Joe inside or outside or Tyler inside or outside? Tyler is a very athletic kid, so it does, in some ways, make us more athletic than when we had Alex in there, but we do have to make sure he understands everything in there."

"We also have to see where Bradbury is. He hasn't played in three weeks, and we were really excited about where he was when he got hurt. It will be great to get him back on the field."

"I'd love to see us get a few quick scores too where we can get on the board without 12 plays. We did have some shorter drives."

"The most important thing is not turning the ball over and scoring points. As long as we can keep doing those two things that's what matters the most to us."

"This is the first team that we'll play this year that gets up man-to-man coverage a ton and puts their safeties down in there to stop the run. They are going to force you to do some different things... I'm anxious for the challenge and opportunity we haven't seen probably since the bowl game, someone who presses you this much."

"We watched some [UAB film over the summer] particuarly on their quarterback, to see what he'd be like and the offensive coordinator coming over. We watched enough to have a feel for what we need."

"I think one is protection. I thought we could be better there. In the game we got sacked twice on third down in the game the other day, but protection has been good on third down for the most part."

"A couple of times we've thrown it underneath and Matt has made plays."

"Sometimes it's a personnel deal where he was better than the guy trying to hit him."

"It starts with protection no matter what on the pass."

"We have to get people matched up on guys we think we can beat because they are going to play man a lot."

"At Northern, coach Kill before me had recruited Mobile hard. We had three starters in the secondary from Mobile."

"It seems like the caliber of player we're looking at in that part of the state seems more prone to stay in the SEC."

"Our resources are better spent in Florida or Georgia because the kids are more apt to leave, but there's great talent [in Alabama]."

"The guys from the Lousville game on really bought into the process more, and now that's it. The guys just focus on the day."

"We made a reel of the missed opportunities for big plays... we dropped two picks that hit us in the hands on Saturday."

"They always come in bunches and they did last year. They need to."

"We've also been averaging 40 something snaps so if you play more you'll have more opportunities too.  I'm happy not playing more on defense, trust me, but we do want more takeaways for our offensive field position."

"I think our guys have handled what's come at them really well. We're playing with confidence and we're playing a lot of freshmen, more than anybody in the nation. I think we've done the right thing. You can look across the country at teams that maybe scheduled another way and are sitting their 1-2 or 0-3.  Walk in their locker room right now and see how positive they feel. I think we're doing the right things for our team. I'm not going to apologize for being 3-0. We're in the right place, we've played a ton of players, and we're playing a really good team this week."

"They went to a bowl game, and they've took 12 players from a bowl team. They are pretty good, I'm just telling you.  Their offensive line is a lot better than some I've seen in the league.  We have a good challenge this week."

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