Doeren: We're Going To Have A Festive Crowd

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media following Thursday's practice.

Dave Doeren

"Barr and Bryce will be out. We should have them both back next week, that's the good thing."

"We'll play Tyler Jones and Garrett Bradbury at guard... maybe Thuney some in there as well. They both had really good weeks, so I'm excited to see those two play."

"He was disappointed like anybody would be.  Like I told him, it was attributed more to what he did than what he didn't do.  Will just really played well in fall camp. Will is 6'6, and we like length at tackle.  We were able to get a taller guy there and it helped us.  Will was hurt most of spring ball so we weren't able to see that competition until fall camp."

"Tony sat on the sidelines for four games and then he started the last nine for us.  He needs to be ready when it comes.  [Jones] had a good week."

"They hae speed.  They are fast.  The tailback is averaging nine yards a carry, and when you have an 80-yard run and a 70-yard run it helps your stats."

"Their receiver in the Nebraska game got behind people and their tight end in the San Diego State game got behind them.  They've had some chunk plays.  You don't see them having series after series of success... it's one big play here and one big play there."

"That's a goal of ours. To limit them having big plays in the game."

"We do. Eight UAB kids and four junior college kids this year alone. They have players, and it's all over the tape.  Our guys know.  It helps when you have things happen in college football too."

"They didn't handle their business... let's not be one of those examples. We talk a lot about it, but you still have to go out there and play."

"I like Mobile... they support football there.  Even if it's not their fans, they'll have people in the stands."

"I would assume we're going to have a festive crowd."

"No, I think [Gottfried] is going to be down there to see his family."

"It's a good recruting base too so hopefully we'll play well in front of their people and it might help us down the road with some kids."

"[Grinnage] is full-go. I think you'll see as the season goes on, it kind of depends on what we're doing. There's a lot of packages that David's in, but we haven't got to a lot of them yet, unfortunately for him.  He's practiced well, and there's been a couple of games where he's been wide open and Jacoby didn't see him, he threw it to someone else. We still had a completion on both plays."

"His time will come. He knows that, and he has a great attitude about it."

"Cole [Cook] is a blue-collar guy that blocks his butt off.  He's got better each and every week. He can set the edge when we're running gap plays, power, and counter... things like that.  He's a team player.  He will do anything you ask him to do, and he's very physical."

"We'll have treatment time... we'll have a walk through and obviously we feed them a couple of times... try to break the day up that way."

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