Uremovich Sees An Opportunity, Not Problem

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State offensive line coach Mike Uremovich talks with Pack Pride.

Coach Doeren has talked this week about the problems at left guard with injuries.
I don't think it's problems I just think it's opportunities.  Everytime someone gets injured it's an opportunity for someone else to play.

All these guys practice for the chance to play. I don't want to see anyone get injured, but at the same time, it's an opportunity for someone else.  I'm excited for them and that reinforces we do have to know more positions and we do have to work hard in practice everyday because you never know.

The other day we had a couple of guys get hurt, Tony's helmet came off, and Peter Daniel got in. Great for Peter... he works his ass off, got in, and we threw a pass. There shouldn't be a drop-off. All the guys in that room work hard.

How did Bryce Kennedy play in his first start?
Bryce played great.  It was the first start of his career so there would be some nerves, and we were on the road using a silent count.  He had no mental mistakes in terms of jumping offsides. He also had a huge block on Jay Sam's touchdown at the end of the half.

He played really well.

How pleased were you to have no penalties in that environment for the first game on the road?
That's the expectation.  We shouldn't have penalties. We have this beautiful indoor facility with music blaring, so we shouldn't have any.  I didn't expect to have any so when we didn't I was glad that we didn't, but that's the expectation. 

If we get beat on a block that's one thing, but we can't jump offsides or hold.

When you look to fill that vacant spot at left guard, do you focus on the defensive scheme or personnel? Is that a factor?
It does a little but I'm more concerned with where we'll be more successful.  Sometimes it's the guard that is out, so let's bring in another guard and keep the other four guys where they were. Sometimes it's the next best guy in is comfortable at tackle, and we can move Joe [Thuney] to guard. It's a case-by-case basis.

Tyler Jones might start there this weekend.  How has he been so far?
He had a real good spring. He was injured a little in the summer which set him back, but I was happy for him to get the opportunity to play.

He was the projected starter coming into fall camp.  Did he play poor or was he outplayed by Will Richardson?
Those five starters played the best. It's never because someone isn't playing well enough.

I don't know that he was the projected starter.  We don't name starters until the first game.  You may come out of spring with the one's, but you won't know until the first game.

What type of a front does South Alabama play?
They play every front you can imagine.  They play a three-man, four-man, five-man and run every pressure I've ever seen. We have to prepare for all of it. It will be a big challenge for us. 

Is this the biggest challenge of the year so far defensively?
Every week is a challenge for all reasons. These guys have a very good front, they are active, and they move a lot.

Coach Doeren has talked about how he loves seeing the support on film from all players.  How much has it helped your unit... the play you've received from the tight ends and fullbacks?
Anytime you're running the ball the offensive line gets credit, but it's never just the offensive line.  It's the tight ends, the fullbacks... Jay Sam.  Matt and Shad contribute and the receivers are blocking downfield.

We love to run the ball because it's a group effort. It takes all 11 guys. There's a lot to it... it's not just the line blocking.

How are Daris Workman and Emanuel McGirt doing?  Both are on the two-deep.
Both are doing a good job, but they look like guys who just got here.  Some days we're really excited, and others they aren't there yet.  That's to be expected.  They've been here just over 50 days and some of the other guys have been here two, three, and four years.

I'm excited about their progress... same with Philip Walton and Aaron Wiltz. That whole group is going to be really good.  I'm so excited about our future with them.

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