Doeren: "Playing Here Is A Privilege"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media following today's practice.

"We have a had a lot of time for these other guys to play. Obviously, we have shown that we have a lot of ball carriers, and they are pretty good."

"We are excited for the opportunity for Matt obviously to get more carries, for Reggie, for Dakwa, for Jaylen Samuels. It is no different than anything else in your program. When one thing changes, you find other ways to make up for it and that is what we are going now. Guys are focused and I am focused on Louisville."

"We all cared for him but everyone understands you have got to do things a certain way. Playing here is a privilege, not a right. We are going to do everything we can to help him continue get his degree and support him but it is time to move on."

"No, I don’t think so. If we had another injury maybe we would. We feel pretty good about the three backs we have given the lion’s share of the reps. Wwe feel good about the guys who are carrying the ball in the jets. J-Sam is a guy that gives us a lot of opportunity to use him in special ways. There is another guy. We have got a lot of depth at that position. I am more concerned about our left guard. My worries are more over there."

"Tyler Jones and Bradbury have taking all the reps. That is the spot on our team there."

"If it is raining, it is raining. We are going to play ball. We are going to be physical. We are going to play four quarters. We are going to take care of the ball. We are going to run the ball, pass, and we are going to try to stop the run. As long as there is no lightning, game on."

"I hope everybody in the crowd puts a parka on and shows up. It is what it is. I can’t control the weather. I am not worried about it."

"We have been outside all week. We have not used the Indoor. I know some people are saying we have been in there but we have not been inside, we have been outside all week. We took advantage of the wet weather and the ball sliding around. I thought we did a really good job with the weather this week."

"No, we are not going to change that. [Frasier] has been injured for two and a half weeks. He is still not practicing from an ankle sprain. He is redshirting."

"We are hoping to get [Barr] back next week. He is feeling good. He is doing drills on land but he is not pushing with resistance so he is not ready yet. He would be risking injury to be back right now."

"We were hoping to have Bryce back but it is just not ready."

"You guys made a bigger deal about it then I did. Like I said, our opponent is faceless. Ii think what we have gotten out of it at this moment is why we needed it. We have played a lot of young players. They all got reps. They got a lot of reps, so we are excited to be 4-0. We feel like we have gotten better as a team from a year ago. We were 4-0 and our defense was ranked something like 100 in the nation, now is ranked third, so you can see improvement. Our offense is doing a better job. Special teams have been have been really solid. I am excited to get into conference play though. I am really excited to get back into Carter-Finley."

"Absolutely. I think all of the guys are. All the guys are. All year long, regardless of who was back there. It is not like it is different. The O-line is going to strain, Jacoby is going to lead, and guys are going to play hard. He came here to have an opportunity to play. He came early. Now it is here. Take advantage of the opportunity. I know he will."

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