Locker Room Report: Dave Doeren

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media after the loss to Louisville.

Dave Doeren PC (AUDIO)

"Obviously, disappointed with the final result. I want to thank our fans that stood out there in the rain today. We appreciate it a lot. We didn't play as good as we can play obviously. Some of that is Louisville. Louisville played well on defense today. They won the line of scrimmage in my opinion. We didn't run the ball the way we have been running. When we did drop back at times there was pressure."

"In the first half defensively we did not get off the field on third down like we had been. A lot of it was tackling. We had coverage where we needed it but we didn't get there quarterback down. He made some nice runs. There is some positives in the game. I thought we made some good adjustments at halftime  on defense and held them to a field goal in the second half but the two turnovers were costly. When you turn the ball over and don't get any takeaways, when they run for 200 yards and you run for 45 that is not a good recipe for victory in the rain."

"We have got to be better. I have got to be better. I told the team "We are not going to feel sorry for ourselves. We are going to get up tomorrow, we are going to come to work and get ready to play a short week at Virginia Tech."

"It was a very good football game. Didn't make enough plays and obviously and look at everything you do and say you can coach better."

"The first half we had 23 plays on offense and so it was hard to get anything established really. We beat ourselves a couple times; one we had a big play to Ramos and we fumbled. That would have been a nice drive we would have scored on, whether it was a touchdown or a field goal.They were penetrating."

"Obviously, up front they had good D-tackles. I told you guys all week their strength was their defensive line. They are good. Those two D-tackles are 300-something pounds. Their ends are long and athletic. They play hard. I thought there were some things we missed but it is a really good defensive line that we played against today and there were times when we hit it. It was just not enough--58 plays and only 23 in the first half--it is just hard to get going."

"It was disappointing. We didn't execute the call defensively. We had a good call made and we just didn't execute it. It is the first time all year that it has happened. We just miscommunicated. We had a run stunt on and jts weren't on the same page. Anytime there is a big play it is disappointing. Obviously, you want to make people feel like they have to earn what they get. On that particular play--their quarterback is fast--so you can't allow him to ever have leverage on a play like that. You hate to have a big play on offense and then turn it right to them in the red zone like that. That is a killer. It was a big swing, not just in momentum but also on the scoreboard. You need to get points when you get inside the 10-yard line like that."

[Dayes] was running hard at the end. On that last play, that guy put a square tackle on him. Iit was a nice play by their guy. We put a long surface over there on a similar play earliuer. We thought that they would put a bunch of people inside and we would be able to get one yard. We just needed one. To their credit, they stopped it. We have got to be able to run that guy over. Obviously, we can't let the guy be unblocked right there."

"We play against our own defense every day. We play against our own offense every day. We do that on purpose so that we are prepared for guys like that. It was a 20-to-13 ballgame. It was a physical football game. They made more plays than we did....but I don't think it was because of who we played. There were some balls that I know Jacoby would love to have back. A couple that he could normally complete, that is not because of who we played. We had guys open."

"There are different things that we have got to do better and we will. It is a setback but it is niot anything we are going to panic about. That's for sure"

"I told them at halftime "That's not us." We had four penalties in the first half, none in the second. We had the turnover and we weren't tackling well. I said, "Guys, just be yourselves. I am not asking for anything other than execution with effort and intensity. We were able to do that defensively. I thought we had a really good third quarter on defense. We had a huge return. We had good energy in a lot of plays in the second half but we couldn't just put it together to come up with a stop. We had third and long and their quarterback number seven did a heck of a job extending that drive. Tthat would have been a key stop. We ended up having to get it with no timeouts. It was a great play by their guy there."

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