Brooks Talks Wolfpack Offer

Clifton (VA) Centreville defensive end Christian Brooks talks about his recent offer from NC State.

NC State’s offer came as a huge surprise to Clifton (VA) Centreville defensive end Christian Brooks even though the coaching staff had been talking to him for a while before that. Brooks (6-5, 220) is one of Virginia’s best defensive linemen and he has a good amount of offers from other schools but he said the NC State offer was one he didn't necessarily expect.
“I was thinking I might get it leading up to it but it’s still a huge shock and a surprise. Until recently I honestly can say I didn’t expect to get an offer from NC State. I went to their camp and they said I did really good.”
But the coaches were very honest about where they came down on the offer issue at the time. Dave Doeren and his crew of assistants told Brooks that he was impressive in camp but they did not want to offer him right away. They wanted to wait until they had a chance to watch more players at future camps.
With that accomplished the staff looked back at Brooks and decided that he was really one of the best players they saw. That was the conversation they needed to have to decide on the offer.
“From what they had said I was thinking okay, they say I’m great but they’re thinking about other guys. I’m probably not going to get the offer. But then they came back and said yes, they do want to give me an offer. They told me they think I’m great and stuff like that. The recruiting coach has been telling me to constantly keep in contact with him so I guess it wasn’t a lie. It was just out of the blue so I was surprised I was getting one.”
Brooks might have been suspicious because coaches everywhere have to walk a fine line between giving a player too much hope for an offer and ruling it out.
“I think it’s awesome. How should I put this? I think it’s amazing especially with the whole engineering and computer science program they have. I went to the huge library they have and it’s just amazing. Another thing I like is how their defensive line coach reminds me of my high school coach a lot. It’s a great school for sure.”
When Brooks was at State for the camp that was the only time he had ever been to the school. He was able to see a little of the place around the camp area but now he believes he needs to take an official visit to learn more. Brooks said his official visit to NC State will be during the season so he can see a game.
The coaches that Brooks worked with at camp liked what he did but more than anything they liked how easy he was to coach.
“They were just saying they think I’m a good kid and they liked that I have long arms. They told me if I play there then I’ll get bigger and stronger and faster. They think they can make me a beast because I’m very coachable.”
Pittsburgh and Cincinnati are two of the other schools Brooks wants to take official visits to. He also wants to take a faraway visit to California-Berkeley. That is the kind of visit that would be hard to organize in any other situation but Brooks likes the idea of doing it.

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