Canada: "We Have To Make Plays"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State offensive coordinator Matt Canada talks about the upcoming game against Virginia Tech.

Pack Pride caught up with NC State offensive coordinator Matt Canada this week ahead of the Wolfpack’s trip to Virginia Tech on Friday.

Canada, in his third season in charge of the NC State offense, has his unit leading the nation in time of possession (36:48 per contest). Matt Dayes is tied for second in FBS with 10 rushing touchdowns, and Jacoby Brissett has not thrown 217 consecutive passes without an interception, the fifth-longest streak in ACC history.

How do you feel the offense’s mindset is going into Virginia Tech after the Louisville game?
Good. They are excited to play.

They have put it behind them quickly?
Yeah. We lost the game you’ve got to move on.

Looking at Jaylen Samuels, do y’all feel like maybe he should have got more touches and is that something want to look…..
I wish we had won the game. There are a lot of things we should have done differently.

David J. Grinnage, same thing. Do you feel he is going to be more of a weapon as time goes by?
Every play that doesn’t work is a bad play and there is a lot--you know--a lot of chances there. We have just got to find a way to win.

Schematically, is Virginia Tech much different than Louisville?
They are a great defense. Obviously, coach Foster does a tremendous job. Always has. They are very similar. They’re going to pressure you. They are very physical up front. They cause a lot of havoc.

I noticed the noise (inside the indoor practice facility during practice). You guys are preparing for Lane Stadium. You think they are handling that well so far?
Yeah, I mean we have done that every road game so far but certainly this will be without question the toughest test on the road that we’ve had. Certainly it is an exciting place to get to go play.

Going forward, looking at the offense, do you like the diversity that you guys are maintaining?
Yeah. Obviously we just want to win. Whatever each game is we have got to win. We have to make plays. We have got to be more efficient than we were Saturday.

That is all we have got to do, is find a way to do that. We have got to take care of the football. We had done a good job of taking care of the football until then, and we didn’t do that and that was the key to the game.

Louisville’s defensive line, they have a good one. I think Virginia Tech does as well. Are you concerned with what they have?
Yeah. We have to take care of our job and do our thing. We have got to be sound and take care of the ball and we have got to make plays when the chances present themselves to do that.

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