Doeren: "Disappointed Is An Understatement"

BLACKSBURG, VA -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media after the 28-13 loss to Virginia Tech.


"Obviously disappointed is an understament.  We had a fast start to the game, and I thouguht we battled back in the third quarter, but very disappointed in our second quarter."

"We gave up a big play there on that stretch play on the edge, and that put the game away."

"We were still able to get some runs.  It's hard with all the pressure they are bringing to be able to throw the football and we were not able to do that effectively."

"I thought our quarterback played really hard, and I need to watch the film before I make a lot of comments because I don't want to regret what I say, but disappointed."

"They played more zone and still mixed it up, but some of the things they were doing I thought in the first quarter we took advantage of and in the second quarter we didn't."

"Nine penalties is going to kill you, and it was one of those games where everything was being called.  It was one of those games where everything was being called, and that's just how it is sometimes."

"He got us on a double-move, which was a big play down the field."

"The one long run wasn't on the secondary.  We didn't set the edge."

"I haven't seen the tape, I can't do that."

"We just have to do a nice job of not touching people when it's tight coverage."

"I need to see the details of what happened before I tell ya."

"I'm not concerned. He's a tough dude.  He's going to fight.  He's going to stay in."

"We have a bye. We're going to sit down and go through things and try to make some fixes."

"We can't give up the big plays that are hurting us."

"We expected a hard-fought game, and that's what we got. We knew they weren't going to quit."

"The tough thing is some of the stuff they called they aren't calling in other games... it's a judgement call for officials."

"We thought our run game, when we got back in the one possession game... unfortunately we weren't able to get the tie there when we had that one possession and time got away from us."

"With all the people in the box we couldn't just run it all the time."

"We just feel like he needs more touches. We just felt like it was another way to get him the football."

"They scored, we came back and started making some corrections."

"We had a feeling that we would see a lot of nine either way."

"We'll sit down as a staff and look at everything we've done. We'll look at us first... we'll bring the kids in and talk to them... man-to-man... then get to work, start doing those things, and get ready for Wake Forest."

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