Lawler Planning To Visit

Charlotte (NC) South Mecklenburg junior standout Jake Lawler earned an offer from NC State this summer. Here's an update on his recruitment.

Class of 2017 prospect Jake Lawler has only been to NC State one time. He hasn’t been to NC State for any games. He almost seems to regret that.

The defensive end from South Mecklenburg seems deeply appreciative for the way the NC State coaches are recruiting him. There can be no doubt that they consider him to be one of their top defensive line recruits and that steady stream of attention is causing Lawler to look at the Wolfpack more than ever before and in a different way than he did in the past.

It’s also prompting him to include NC State in his planning for the rest of the year.

“I think I’m going to NC State on November 21st when they play Syracuse. That’s the earliest game there that I’ll be able to go to, but I really think I’m going to make it happen.”

Eddie Faulkner has visited South Mecklenberg this season to watch Lawler play. After that he and Lawler started communicating online.

“When he watched me in person he said he really liked the way I pass rush and he liked how hard I play. He’s made me feel like I’m a top priority.”

The only time Lawler has visited NC State was for a camp over the summer. At the time he didn’t know a lot about the Wolfpack despite earning an offer after his workout in front of the NC State coaches. But looking back Lawler reflects on some aspects of that trip that were very positive and even beneficial to him as a player.

For instance: “I liked the way Coach Nielsen coached the defensive line. The defensive line coach seems really into it and he seems like he knows what he’s talking about.”

Lawler has been to Tennessee, Virginia Tech, Duke and North Carolina for games this year. He did not say that he enjoyed any of those trips more than the other but he did use the words ‘awesome time’ to describe the games at Duke and UNC. He watched Duke beat Georgia Tech in Wallace-Wade Stadium, and he watched North Carolina take down Illinois.

At Tennessee he watched the Volunteers blow a late lead against Oklahoma and he saw Virginia Tech falter in the second half against Ohio State.

“The Tennessee-Oklahoma game was a lot of fun. I liked it. It was a huge stadium and a nice game all around. As for Virginia Tech the Ohio State game was really crazy. It was also a lot of fun and even though they lost it was still really loud.”

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