Doeren: "It's Been Good"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media after Thursday's practice.

How competitive is Mike Stevens at corner?
He's been good. He had a really good day today.  He's skilled.

He's grown up a lot.  He was pretty immature last year, and I think he's really come along that way as a person.  He's handling his business better.

He's very consistent and talented at practice everyday, and he's done well in the games. We need him to keep it going because he has really good ballskill too.

Is there an art to battling on the sideline like he does?
There is... and not getting called for touching guys anymore. That stuff is tough these days.  To be able to be physical but not be out of control, I think that's an art at corner.

Haev you been able to use the bye week as you've hoped?
Yes, it's been good.

We spent, as a staff, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday looking at us.  We met with all of our players on Monday and went through all the findings on the season. We went through all the positive plays and the negatives.  We've met a lot as coaches to look at things we can do better.

We spent a lot of time these last two days working on things... probably half the practices working on us and the other half on the opponent.

How close are you to having that ACC breakthrough?
I don't know. I thought we were close. We obviously didn't do it and that's on me.  I got to get that done.

We won seven in a row, and we lost two.  We have to get back on the winning track, and I think we can do that.

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