Brissett: "My Job Is To Make Sure We Win"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State senior quarterback Jacoby Brissett fielded questions from the media during the bye week.

Do you feel you control your destiny?
Most definitely.  Florida State and Clemson have to play each other and we have to go out there and take care of Wake.  After that the season lies ahead of us.

At what point do you start worrying about Wake?
We started game-planning for them [on Wednesday].  Just getting out there, getting a feel for what they do.

We've been on to Wake, and we're trying to get a jump on them.

Did you watch the 3-0 thriller?
No I didn't.  I was asleep.

How much, "What's wrong with Jacoby" are you getting?  I get a lot of people asking what's wrong with Jacoby...
What's wrong with me? As far as what? 

Winning or losing there's always something you can improve on.  That's some of the things that I'm trying to do and we're trying to do.  I'm trying to get better everyday.

Do you have a go-to receiver?
I think that receiver group is a good receiver group.  I think that's what sets them apart. At any point, either of them can make a play. That group is getting better each day.

Is it possible you miss Bo [Hines]?
No, Bo's not here.

In a sense of you need a guy to look for... a security blanket?
That's what is so cool about this group. All of those guys are pretty smart guys and with the offense they know what I like. Over the summer we spent a lot of time talking about where I want guys in certain situations.

In the game, some of that plays out sometimes.

Is Grinnage a guy you need to get more involved?
When his time comes, and he starts making plays... you have to get him back in the flow of the game.  Of course he's a mismatch.  Teams are... everybody says you need to get him more touches but a lot of teams are keying in on him.  

When he gets his touches he's going to get his touches and I know he'll do something when he gets it.

Is that part of the ying-yang of the quarterback position... when you lose they say what's wrong with Jacoby and five weeks ago you were a Heisman candidate.
It's whatever. 

My job is to make sure we win, make sure we get into the endzone, and everything else will take care of itself.

How much do you know about NC State's losing streak at Wake Forest?
I was there two years ago when we lost there.

I know it's a tough place for us to play, and they are going to play us tough. They are going to come out ready to play.  We just have to be ready.

Is there still a chance this season for NC State to do special things?
Most definitely.

What gives you that confidence?
I know us. I know what we have, what we're capable of doing, and how we're capable of playing.

We're going to come out and exploit that.

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