RALEIGH, N.C. -- Pack Pride caught up with senior defensive end Mike Rose during the bye week.

How is the bye week going so far?
It's going good.

Do you look at this as an opportunity to regroup, recharge, refresh?
It's a time for us to sort out some issues, make some corrections, and get the gameplan back on.

Do you feel like a leader? Is it natural?
Yes. I just need to tell guys to keep pushing. The job's never done.

With the two losses, how did they react to the last two weeks?
Much better than I've seen in the past. They are reacting very well. They are taking adversity very well.

Is it set up better for NC State to not let losses become more losses?
Of course. I think if we keep climbing the mountain instead of looking at the mountain we'll be alright.

Have you started to focus on Wake Forest?
Yes. We're focusing more on the scheme than the people.  We're working on our fundamentals against their fundamentals.

It's been a while since NC State has won over there.  Is that something you all know about or care about?
We do know but you can't care too much. if you want to be different you have to undo history.

It's good to know history, but it's better to just go over there and do it.

I imagine you still believe NC State can do special things in 2015.
Of course.  Two losses don't mean too much.

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