Juston Burris: "We're Still Confident"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State senior cornerback Juston Burris met with the media to discuss the upcoming game against Wake Forest.

Juston Burris PC

"We just haven't went down there and executed.  I think the last six times we went down there we haven't won."

"This year something has to change.  Obviously we can't do what we've done in the past.  That didn't work.  We have to go down there, play our game, and execute... hopefully have a different outcome."

"It was a better crowd than I expected... I think they'll be up for us coming in.  Rivalry game, in-state game... there will be a lot more people than most people expect.  We'll get their best shot I believe, and it will be a good game, but we're going to win."

"Execution.  Some of us not being in the right gap.  It's a team effort, it's the whole defense."

"Just running to the ball... it has to be an all-out effort to get the ball down. That's what we need to get better at."

"It's still high, always high. We know we can play better than the last two games we've played.  We're still a good team... we're going to turn this around.  The last six games will be good games."

"It's the turning point of the season... we had two good opponents coming in and obviously we lost, but we have six more good opponents coming up.  I think it was a good time to reflect on the first six games and try to learn from our mistakes... try to build on that."

"It was all about technique and getting back to basics. We got a little bit of headstart on Wake Forest.  While they were preparing for Carolina, we were preparing for them... basically learning their schemes."

"It is a little frustrating... obviously the ball hasn't bounced our way but we need to keep creating those opportunities."

"We need more of that to try and increase the turnover margin."

"The bye week is for technique work and getting back to basics. When you're in the fire that's what you have to work on."

"I definitely think coming out of the break we're going to have success. We're still confident, we're still riding high, and we're going to come out and try to win these next six games."

"We're always trying to improve, and I think we will."

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