Chubb: "It Should Be Cool"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State sophomore defensive end Bradley Chubb spoke with the media about facing Wake Forest.

Have you ever competed against your brother before? 
Last year I did when I was played special teams. I was on punt return and he was on punt. We saw each other on that. We had a hit against each other. He still has it on his phone. He sends it to me every now-and-then to remind me he is the big brother. I was young and didn't know what to do yet (laughing).

How competitive were you guys growing up? What do you compete in?

We had a basketball goal outside the house in the driveway so we used to always play and of course I used to always win because I was a better basketball player. He used to get mad and we would fight each other. My mom and dad didn’t like but they learned to live with it because they knew we were real competitive. We used to compete in video games, board games, everything.

Have you two talked recently? What is the plan this week?
I called him [Tuesday] night and just talked to him a little bit. I talk to him every Friday night, and I asked him if we could still do that and he said, “yeah.” On Saturday we are not going to talk to each other at all though. Before that we will still communicate.

How many family and friends will be at the game Saturday?
We have like 40 family members coming so I am going to give some of my tickets and he is going to give some of his tickets. They are all wearing a shirt that split with NC State and Wake Forest. It should be cool.

You lead the team in hurries? How frustrating is it to lead in that stat and not be getting the sacks?
Very frustrating. I go back and watch the games and just seeing and knowing the work I put into the rush, it is a good stat to have but it is frustrating because you want those hurries to be sacks. I know they are going to come in due time.

How well has the move from linebacker to defensive end gone?
It has been really good because I played D-end mostly in high school so I feel like it was a little bit more natural than linebacker was for me. It has just been flowing so I am having a good time. The other D-linemen are helping me come along and I am still helping them come along.

Who is the best football player in the Chubb family?
It is three-way tie. Me, Nick, and Brandon. Oh yeah, Pop. Four-way tie. No, I say we are better than my dad because I feel like back in the day they weren’t as tough as we are today. Me and my brother tease him about that all the time. If we played in the eighties it would be a totally different story.

What is your dad’s reaction?
He just shrugs it off and laughs it off because he knows what’s up.

Did you consider Wake Forest coming out of high school?
It was one of my top options, but I just felt like this was better for me. My brother, he wanted me to be at Wake with him but he always told me to do what is best for me so I decided to come here.

How big of a game is this for NC State?
It is a really big game because it is an in-state game for bragging rights throughout the year and of course you want this game and UNC just to have pride of going around the state and saying the best team in the state. That is real big for us.

How much do you know about the Wake Forest offense?
Being with Coach Nielsen, we have just been watching film for a week and a half now and we have learned a lot about their tendencies and all that. Their quarterback situations and tackles too.

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