LOCKER ROOM REPORT: Wolfpack Players

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Several NC State players met with the media after the win over Wake Forest.

"Give credit to the O-line and Jacoby threw some good ball. Just executing."

"We needed a spark. Getting the ball and catching the ball, I tried to give a spark to the team and get momentum going."

"It felt good. I have got to get credit to the O-line and Jacoby just throwing a good ball."

"Ah man, I said 'Hey, you have got to look at me,' but it wasn’t designed for me it was really designed for tight end so I am just a guy that runs the guy off."

"It is just how the game goes. Over the bye week obviously it gave me a chance to get healthy but those plays happen just by chance. I am going to continue to just fire and play."

"We just came out here and knew that we had to play our game to open up and get those big plays."

"I lot of the [mistakes] after the first quarter really fell on me, making bad throws and bad reads and stuff like that."

"It is good to change history. It is good to be a part of a team that did it." 

"We went out there and executed. That is difference. In the past two games we didn’t execute as we should and this one it came all together."

"I am happy for the young kid (Roseboro), the young freshman. He is having a good season. I hope the best for him next year. I think he is going to be a critical player for NC State next year."

Darian Roseboro

"I had it. I had it in my hands and I dropped it. It is just one of those opportunities you just wish you could have back."

"Me and Mike came into game and said we need to take over the game. The whole D-line group needed to take over, get takeaways and make plays."

M.J. Salahuddin

"It is a very humbling experience. I am just enjoying every moment."

"It was definitely a message. We are letting everybody know we are still here."

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