Doeren: "It Was A Great Team Effort"

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media after the win over Wake Forest.

"Obviously [I am] excited to get the victory today. To get to five wins, it was a great team effort. I thought the first quarter we came out to blazing on both sides of the football. We really did a nice job of getting 28 points, having some explosive plays--the run game here with Matt and the pass game with Maurice and Nyheim."

"Two guys got their first career touchdowns today that are young, good players for us. Matt got his longest touchdown run. Then with the defense, when things didn’t go well for the offense after the first quarter, our defense hung in there and you can count on them to do everything they can to secure the score."

"Then our special teams won it for us. They put the nail in the coffin at the end. Great return by Bra’Lon. I was really excited that he was able to bust one because he has really worked hard."

"Offensively, we didn’t turn the ball over all day. Defensively, we got a takeaway and we finished plus one. Overall, a lot of positive things, some things that we need to get better so we just need to get them on film and get ready for a great team next week."

"We need to get better on offense in the second quarter, We did defensively let down [in the last game], I agree with that. I think we had some plays out there in the second quarter too, we just didn’t make them. We didn’t execute as well. We overthrew a couple of guys and just didn’t pick things up as clean in the protections in the blitzes--they blitzed quite a bit in the second quarter. You have got to handle those things. You have got to adjust."

"Matt busted a few tackles down there and they were putting everybody down there keying on our jet game, so we couldn’t get those going. It comes down to making one guy miss because everybody else was gone. Matt did it twice and ‘house-called’ it, which was great for him. It is something I know he has been working hard on--making the first guy miss. "

"In the pass game we had two good, deep-ball throws and catches by two guys. The protection was there."

"When you throw it to the right guy and he gets it and you protect that is 11 guys doing it right. We did that."

"The defense did a good job of getting a team that has gotten a lot of first downs out of rhythm I thought."

"These guys will tell you that we practice [up-tempo offense] all summer and obviously in the first four games we didn’t need it. In retrospect, we should have had it ready for game five and six. We spent a lot of time in the bye week. These guys will tell you it is something that we need to be able to do. You have to be able to change tempo in the game. You can’t just break the huddle and let them get their cleats set all the time. Changing it up...that is what we have to be to be successful. I will take the blame for not having that ready when we needed it but we had it today and it really helped us."

"We have taken some shots--we dropped three last week. It is more about hitting them when you take them."

"I think everybody had a chance to heal up [during the bye week]. Out of 15 days there was seven of them where we weren’t on the field. We were in the weight room, the meeting room, we got our practices in. We gave them a chance to heal physically and mentally. Guys used their time wisely and you could see they were fresh and had good bounce coming out of the bye."

"When you invest a lot, it hurts when you lose--especially when you have regret, like there is something else you could have done. I think everybody feels that way when you lose a game by one touchdown like we did to Louisville or you are up on a team you feel like you can beat and you let them back in the game. There is regret in those kind of losses. The guys really invested again. Credit to them."

"It takes a lot as a 18, 19-year old kid to work the way they do. To go to study hall at night and get up at 6 a.m. and come in and stay positive through those two losses. I am really proud of our players for that and for our coaches to keep them that way."

Getting them behind the chains is big, Second and long or third and long defensively is a heck of of a lot easier. I am proud of our D-line. I told everybody “we win up front, we win the game.”

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