Tocho: "Don't Look At The Mountain, Just Climb"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State junior cornerback Jack Tocho met with the media to discuss the upcoming game against Clemson.

Jack Tocho PC

"At the same time you have to analyze what the defense is doing and incorporate our schemes."

"They have a lot of depth at the receiver position from the slot, Z, and X.  They have a rotation through the game of players who make plays, give guy's rest, and come back and make more plays."

"We also have a lot of depth in the secondary so we can also insert guys."

"Last year's game is definitely a sort of motivation for us. We obviously didn't play the way we wanted them to play.  Having it be homecoming and having them come to our stadium, we want it to be a different result."

"It was a devastating loss, especially after we had just played Florida State.  That hard loss and another tough loss, it was kind of hard to take in at one time."

"Leading up to the season we had a few games targeted on our schedule that we really wanted to prove ourselves against, but now that the season commenced we've just focused on the opponent we've faced each week."

"All games are important equally, but with it being homecoming and what happened last season Clemson was definitely a game that we looked forward to."

"Having the home crowd has always been an advantage for us... just having the home crowd behind us is definitely a big momentum swing for us."

"Every game we feel like we have to start of strong.  A point of emphasis has been finishing the game... the main thing now is finishing the game more than starting."

"In our scheme most of the time when we've given up a curl it's because we're in three-deep coverage and the quarterback recognizes that... the curl and the out is kind of the void in the coverage.  I guess playing tighter coverage in man helps that but it's something we can't help in certain schemes that we run."

"We definitely believe that we can beat any opponent that we want to as long as we execute with great detail and focus.  You can't look at a team like Clemson as a monster.  We always having a saying of don't look at the mountain, just climb.  We can't look at Clemson as a team that's impossible to beat. We have to look at them as another opponent."

"I treat every receiver like it's the best receiver I'm going to face.  I can't look at Clemson as a beast."

"It's definitely a big opportunity... especially for our program and the things we've been able to do like ending the streak at Wake Forest, as far as losing in their stadium.  This is another accolade that we can put on our journey throughout the season."

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