CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- NC State junior center BeeJay Anya met with the media at ACC Media Day.

BeeJay Anya PC

"When you are learning more about how to lose the weight I think it is a process of--there were times I wouldn't eat and I'd think maybe if I don't eat as much I will lose the weight and then if I eat regularly I would put the weight back on. I have learned it is about me eating more efficently and smaller portions at a time. I had to learn that in the first couple of years and now that I have figured it out it is going to work out for me in the long run."

"My freshman year I was 340-something pounds but I still ended up making plays. I could make plays consistently. Now I can make the same type of plays and more often."

"Me and [Kennedy Meeks of UNC] are real close. A lot of people don't that we are real close. A lot of people think because we go to different schools and rival schools, that we are not. We make jokes about [their weight]. We both have big personalities."

"[Making the game-winning shot versus LSU] is definitely a big thing. I had grown up watching the NCAA Tournament since I was a child. Making that shot really gave me the confidence to play well and it was an overall great experience."

"The second the ball was in the air on the pass to me, I was going to shoot it. The fact that he had me in that game, I knew something that I was going to do was going to help us win that game. I was going to set screen, seal someboby or get a layup; something was going to happen. I knew regardless I was going to make something happen on that play."

"I think this year is going to be more of an offensive-minded year for me on top of my defensive prowess so I think it is going to be a big year."

"The best State player of all-time? Dereck Whittenburg. I will say it right now. Dereck Whittenburg---out of Dematha.

"I have probably lost a total of close-to-80 pounds [since he arrived at NC State]."

"I can jump a lot higher, run a lot faster and I am just overall quicker now. Defensively I can get to people quicker. I am better at ball-screen defense. Overall, it is going to make me a better player--a better shot blocker as well."

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