ACC MEDIA DAY: Mark Gottfried

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media at ACC Media Day.

"I think the way the ACC does our schedule we need to look at it... I think it needs to be evaluated as far as what's the best possible way to put as many teams in the NCAA Tournament.  That means if we don't have partners, that's okay.  At the end of the day, you have to look at how do we get the most teams into the tournament?"

"If that means we have to look at it one more time, hopefully our ADs and Presidents will."

"I personally would always like to play Carolina twice, but the question is if that's what's best for the league.  I don't know if we at NC State can put only what's best for us above what's best for the league."

"You have to put your personal desires and rivalries..."

"I'm not sure outside of that where all the great rivalries are."

"If it works out where we can always play Carolina twice I'm all for that, but I also want to do what's best for the conference."

"I think it's a combination of both.  At the end of the day you want to stand on the top box and be No. 1."

"When we looked back at the Big East that one year, I think when they had 11 teams in the tournament, it was easy for everybody to say that was the best conference."

"Last year when you look at Miami... how could Miami not be in the NCAA Tournament. They might have the best win of anybody in America last year by winning at Duke by 20."

"We need to get to the point where that team like them finds their way into the NCAA Tournament."

 "I'm personally not a big fan of [the ACC/Big Ten Challenge]... I wouldn't mind trading that game for two more conference games."

"When I was out of coaching for two years... my age, I've enjoyed working with the age of kids I work with. I like recruiting... I'm one of the guys that enjoys the competitive part of that."

"I like working with college kids."

"I give him a lot of credit. He's got that fourth-grader off his back that he's been carrying around for the last couple of years.  Hopefully he can keep him off of there." 

"We have a lot of good, young guys who have to go from averaging three points per game to ten points per game."

"He made a very pivotal, huge basket for our team... monumental. I do think it's helped his confidence.  That's part of the whole process of him losing weight.  Making a big shot, being a key contributor."

"Anybody that's lost a lot of weight, your self-confidence changes... your self-esteem changes... I guarantee you he walked around this place this morning with more pep in his step. He should.  He looks different and he feels different."

"I like the competitive nature of our guys. I think Cody and Caleb set the tone more than anybody else in the gym everyday."

"Even though Trevor wasn't necessarily a superstar, they all... when it got tough they all looked right at Trevor everytime last year... this year there's not that one guy."

"On one hand there's some uncertainty, but they kind of start to rely on each other because there's not a bail-out guy."

"You're going to have a really competitive, fun exciting group that know they need each other a lot."

"He's got times now where somebody else is bringing the ball up the floor and he's filling the lane.  He goes right to the three-point line and catches it and shoots it like he's Scott Wood.   He's just letting it rip because his confidence to make the shot is much different than it used to be."

"Now he's just a more confident guy from behind the line, and I think that's come from the time he's put in working on his three-point shooting."

"With Caleb this summer we wanted to kind of rebuild his shot... it's hard to change that during the season."

"He shot the ball really well so far. We haven't played a game yet, but we'll see what happens.  He's in a much better place technique-wise."

"Maverick wakes up ready to shoot. He's hunting for his shot.  He knows who he is. There's no confusion about what he thinks he brings to our team."

"It will be fun to watch Maverick get in there and get going because he can really shoot the ball."

"Terry has to step up for us. I don't know if we're a great team if Terry Henderson averages five points a game.  He has to generate double-digit scoring for us."

"Cat is becoming a much better leader. He looks at me all the time trying to figure out what the coach wants and what should we do next."

"I don't want him to forfeit his quickness... I think he's kind of found a good balance. I think he's in a great position to have a really, really good year."

"What you get everyday is the real Cat. There's not a lot of phony stuff with Cat... and every single day he plays really, really hard and practices really hard... he goes everyday."

"I've enjoyed coaching him.  He's a fun guy to coach, and every year he has got better."

"I think we'll be one of those teams where it will be a collective thing."

"Everybody looks great in a highlight video. You can make a highlight video of Joe and make it look like Pete Maravich or something."

"I always liked Terry. I just kept telling our staff that I liked that guy."

"I even went back in right before the signing period and convince him but up to that point we hadn't paid him a lot of attention."

"He's done a good job.  I think he's going to be a good player for us."

"With Lennard the biggest challenge is he's not hurting from the rod that's down his shin, but it's his conditioning.  Four months [out] for an athlete is a long time, and it's going to probably take him another month or two before he gets into his groove."

"We'll see, and I'm playing Cody as a forward more than I have in the past.  He's going to be a tough matchup for other forwards... an undersized four that can bring it in the break some. He's a tricky guy to guard. We're going to play Cody a lot more inside than we did last year as a perimeter player."

"We'll play some a little bit with some smaller lineups because we have to and to get our best players on the floor."

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