Doeren: "Guys Are Excited"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media after Thursday's practice.

"Guys are excited. We had two really spirited practices on Tuesday and Wednesday, and today we wanted to clean up some things."

"The big thing for us is to stay focused on what we need to do. We're playing a great team that's on a mission, and so are we."

"It's a chance for us to take another step, play a great football team that's ranked at home on a special weekend with it being homecoming... that's what you sign up for as a coach and a player.  It's really exciting to have the opportunity, and now it's go do something with it. I'm excited to have that."

"They are outscoring their opponents 80-something to 13 and we're outscoring ours 80-something to 21 so the first quarter for both teams have been big.  Obviously we want to start fast, but  more importantly we want to play a four-quarter game.  The start helps you get going, but we can't let anything that happens early dictate what happens late."

"I've just talked about the opportunity and how you have a chance to embrace it... last week they took a step and did something that hadn't been done in a while, and this week's another opportunity to do the same thing.  That's all it is; an opportunity."

"It doesn't matter that we're playing Clemson.  What matters is we don't beat ourselves so we'll have a chance to beat Clemson.  That's where our focus is."

"There is because Florida State was unbeaten and Clemson is the same way, but for us we're a different team with different players... I just hope we learned our lesson on looking at the scoreboard and feeling comfortable... we had a chance in that game to keep the pressure on an opponent and didn't."

"I don't know Notre Dame's defense inside-and-out, but I do know they have a great d-line.  Louisville has a great d-line.  If you beat your opponent up front you have a chance to pressure the quarterback and a chance to stop the run and those are pretty good formulas for winning.  If we can do what those guys did in the trenches we'll have a chance."

"We have to stop the run. Clemson is a really good running football team.  They've always had downfield threats and athletes that can take a quick screen and make you look bad. Open field tackling is a part of playing Clemson, but  this year the tailback run game is different. That guy is really really good. He's the best tailback we'll have played to date and we'll play another when we play Florida State, but we haven't seen him yet.  This kid is special."

"Anytime you're playing a quarterback run team there's an added blocker and we've seen a lot of those this year. We have to leverage him and keep him from getting outside of our pursuit, so turning him back... we have to change the math on blocks... and we have to hit him.  If they are going to run him we need to hit him. We need to make them not want to run him."

"That's always the key.  If you're going to run your quarterback you're going to risk your quarterback. We do the same thing so I understand what it's like. That's a key part of their offense and we have to be physical in the game."

"Those are weeks where if you're talking about effort then you're really in trouble. We haven't had to do that this week.  It's really about execution with a team like this because you don't have  a lot of margin for error."

"I feel like if we can get off to what we've done and continue it for four quarters... our whole focus is doing my job and winning my battle."

"I got into coaching because I like helping kids.  I was coaching high school football... now that I'm at this level absolutely, it's the biggest game we can play in until we play our rivalry game."

"That's what coaches love to do."

"We look at it because we want to see how they attacked us... obviously we went in thinking we could do certain things but we were wrong. Why did that happen?"

"We went back to the year before that too... even though the coordinator is gone they are running the same offense."

"We look at every piece of film we can get our hands on.  We try to do everything we can to make sure we're giving our kids the best chance and then they have to execute it."

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