LOCKER ROOM REPORT: Wolfpack Players

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Several NC State players met with the media after the loss to Clemson.

Mike Rose
"We take it personally. We want nobody to score, but they rose to the occasion. We gave them some adversity and they are a great team. They rose to the occasion. We put them in a situation that a lot of teams haven't put them in. We scored a lot of points. I am really proud of our offense."

"I think we can compete with anybody. The thing is we have just got to have a game like Wake Forest where the offense and the defense show up the same day."

"It was a pretty bad thing. You never want to give up a touchdown with less than a minute [remaining]. That is something we have got to work on."

"[Deshaun Watson] is a ballplayer. He is just as good as Tajh Boyd to me."

Nyheim Hines
"That is a great team and we had them on the ropes but they were better when it mattered."

"It is frustrating. It hurts real bad. It is a step we have to take for our program. We had an opportunity tonight, and I feel like we showed the world what NC State football is all about. I am just sad we didn't finish."

"I watched the game [between NC State and Clemson last season] and I was at the game two years ago when NC State had a chance to win so each year we have a chance. Last year I don't know what happened but this year we are close on all the top teams we play. We just have to finish and execute."

"I have been a Pack fan all of my life and it just seems like at home we come to play against some of the top teams in the nation."

Hakim Jones
"You have got to look at both aspects. Of course they are a great team...but at the same time we have got to compete with them a lot better than what we did and what we showed because we are more capable than what we did tonight."

"It was just about making plays. They outplayed us."

"Our offense did their job. They scored 41 points. Any time you score 41 points on offense you are supposed to win that game."

Jaylen Samuels
"I felt confident [playing tailback after Matt Dayes was injured]. I have been playing running back some over the past three weeks so I was confident. It is a lot to know but I felt confident."

"We have just got to learn from it."

"We just wanted to jump out early. That is what we are known for against big teams. It was exciting. We just know next time we have got to finish all four quarters."

Jacoby Brissett
"They're a good team. We knew we were going to have to make plays. They came out firing and we came out firing. Throughout the game they just made more plays than us. As far as coming out, I think we came out really well and executed some things. We had a couple of mental errors on my part but that was about it."

"I thought we did a really good job [after the injury to Matt Dayes]. J-Sam and Dakwa stepped up and made some really big plays. Dakwa did a good job in pass protection and saving some hits on me. That is our motto. The next person has got to get up and make plays. I think they did a good job."

"Coming into this game we knew we had to score. We knew they were going to score some points. I think we did a good job up front, giving me time to dissect things"

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