Cook: "It's Definitely A Big Game"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State sophomore tight end Cole Cook met with the media to discuss the upcoming game against Boston College.

Cole Cook PC

"It's been one of our goals all season, to win at Wake and at Boston College.  It's definitely a big game for us, mainly because it's the next one."

"We want to focus on beating Boston College this week and taking care of business."

"This past week I was really proud of our fight, just never giving in and playing hard the whole game. Special teams has been a great area of improvement every week."

"It's something we want to continue to get better at."

"We've been focusing on starting fast, but not only starting fast but continuing that throughout the whole game. We're focusing on trying to play four quarters of football.

"We have certain plays that we want to run to start the game, but after those first few plays we try to go with it and see what's working, what's not.  We want to try and score on every drive, but it's always good to score on the first one."

"I was really happy for Dave.  He had a really good game. We all know in our room week-to-week we don't know who is going to have the big game."

"I've really learned a lot from Dave, especially in the pass game with the way he runs his routes and the way he catches the ball.  He's been a great guy to look up to."

"If we keep preparing the way we need to I think we'll be okay."

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